Parchment paper can come in handy for different uses. But for whatever reasons, you might not always have the stock in your kitchen. So you will need an alternative option that does the work of parchment paper.

Before proceeding to the core of the article, I’d like to emphasize that the most appropriate parchment paper substitute is the one that can match to your requirement or need.

Here I listed 7 substitutes that can be helpful for you in this situation. Check them and tell me in the comments below what have you used and what is the most useful substitute?

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Here are Our 7 Substitutes of Parchment Paper

Wax Paper

Wax paper has similar characteristics with parchment paper. Its thin coating allows the users to use it to cook without oil.

You cannot use it for baking or any other method requiring an oven. But if your work does not require heat, wax paper can be a good alternative.

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The nonstick surface is great. It is often to be the best alternative because the price is more affordable than parchment paper. However, you must notice that the wax paper is not heat resistant.

The wax paper can be useful parchment paper alternative in many ways, such as:

  • Free ice cream: Put the wax paper on the surface of ice cream before letting go of the lid. Put back the ice cream to the kitchen so that you will have nice ice-free ice cream.
  • Clean the fridge: Wax paper, since it is cheaper than parchment paper, can be a good replacement in cleaning up the fridge. When you notice spillover, splatter, or other messes, you could replace the wax paper with the new one.
  • Store the cheese: Just like parchment paper, you can also use the wax paper to keep your cheese fresh. It will help you to prevent your cheese from drying.
  • Roll the dough: If the parchment paper can help you to bake in the oven, let the wax paper help you to easily roll out the dough for your next baking project. Imagine how much flour you can save.

If I could put it simply, parchment paper is used for heat and wax paper is the opposite. So, it would be a big mistake if you use it for high-temperature cooking.

It has a low melting point, which makes it so dangerous since food with wax is poisonous. But you can consider wax paper for non-heat methods.

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Parchment Paper Substitute Infographic

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil can be tons of help if you run out of parchment paper. As the name suggests, it is basically a thin layer of aluminum.

The things you can do with this are enormous. You can prepare a lot of dishes with this alternative.

However, aluminum foil does not have the non-stick characteristic. So, there’s a chance that your foods could stick to the foil if you didn’t coat the surface well with a little bit of oil.

  • Platting the desserts: You can decorate the plating of a dessert with the foil. This parchment paper substitute can be helpful if you make a special dessert for everyone in your home.
  • Cleanup the oven: Aluminum Foil can help you to prevent the dripping, spilling, and other kinds of mess. As we know, cleaning your oven can be a daunting task to do. Let this do it for you.
  • Steam the ingredients: Folks often use parchment paper in papillon mode. Using the aluminum foil can also be a great idea to steam veggies, meats, and other ingredients.
  • Preventing freezer burn: This could use for preventing freezer burn.

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Silpat paper

Although it is not 100% replaceable, you can indeed use silpat paper as a parchment paper replacement on many occasions.

Silpat paper is also called as baking mat. As the name suggests, it works for baking method. This mat is more costly than parchment paper.

Made of silicone, it is more durable and lasts longer than the parchment paper. You can use this mat for projects which involve heat. This mat can also be adjusted to any size that will be suitable for your current requirement.

Besides baking, you can also use silpat paper to cook since nothing can stick to them.

It is reusable and flexible when using in the wide temperature range.

Contrary to parchment paper, you can reuse the silpat papers thousands of times in the future.

If your most projects are in high temperatures, using silpat paper can be a great way to save more money in the future.

Since silpat paper has non-stick surface, you will not need to use greasing to place the dough on the mat.

self care gifts

You can use the silicone mat for other kitchen purposes such as rolling the dough, kneading pizza dough, making candies, and so on. 

You can easily clean it with water and mild kitchen solution and use it again for your other projects.

If you are looking tougher alternative which is reusable and eco-friendly, it is the best one to pick.

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Oil, butter or flour

If none of the above methods work, then you could just go back to the basics. Oil, butter, and flour are 3 alternatives of parchment baking paper.

You could grease your pans with your favorite oil. Usually, some users will use cooking spray.

But if you don’t have one, you can simply use your kitchen towel or paper to spread over the oil or use your bare hands to make them spread.

You can also use flour to prevent dough from sticking. For this, you can take some flour and sprinkle them on the surface of the baking pan. It can work for some items but may not for all. You may not bake cake with this method.

So it may not be as useful as parchment paper. But it can do the work in emergency situations when you don’t have other options. And you can easily do it but think before use, is it right for your work.

Cooking spray can be the most conventional way to replace the parchment paper, especially for baking.

In fact, our grandparents were always using cooking spray when it comes to baking special cookies for us.

What we do wrong often is that we just simply splatter the oil and rub over the surface. The foods can become so greasy with that method. You could use cooking spray instead.

A greased pan is the key to make non-stick pan or sheet. As long as you add enough oil to the surface of the pan, you will be able to lay the foods directly on that without feeling guilty.

Whether your foods are delicate or gooey, the greased pan can undoubtedly handle the job.

For butter lovers, you can apply your butter too. In baking, you will want to sprinkle a bit flour to make a good stick to the grease. You can also lightly grease the pan or mold with the butter. And you will do just fine.

The key to grease your baking pan or cake pan is that you need to focus on two layers for non-stick effect. The non-stick pan needs the grease and flouring.

The greasing agent, in this case the butter, will attract the flour. Then when the dough is placed, it will cling to the flour instead of the side of the pan.

Choosing your greasing agent is really important here. As we know it, you can notice a slight saltiness in your favorite batter. It will also add the exterior to the baking or cake.

But if you are not fond of the saltiness of the butter, you could use shortening instead. Shortening is the flavorless butter. But don’t mistake it with the unsalted butter.

The unsalted butter is not holding the saltiness but still making the golden brown when you finish the baking process. Meanwhile, the shortening is less likely to brown.

After choosing the butter, you will then choose the flour. Choosing the flour is really simple and straightforward. You can simply use the flour which is used in the recipe.

Then you will want to spread the grease to the pan. However, you don’t have to apply a thick coat unless the recipe says so.

After adding the greasing and flouring, you could add the batter and enjoy the result.

Paper bag

Your mom can say:

No! Don’t use it for cooking!

Well, she is 100% right. Using the paper bag will be a great idea if your purpose is to wrap any item. Do not use it for cooking or baking since it has a very low burning temperature.

Besides the main functions of parchment paper, you can also use it for wrapping or storing food. But that’s it the function that you can rely on this parchment paper alternative.

The use of printed paper bags has become a trendy eco-friendly solution to wrap foods in the kitchen.

However, make sure you don’t use it for heating because the ink on the paper bag can melt and tarnish the foods that it wraps.

I would say that paper bags are the best parchment paper substitute for wrappers. Here are the advantages:

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  • It is eco-friendly: The eco-friendly materials of the paper bags are easy to get recycled and decomposed. It is safe for the environment and mother nature.
  • You can decrease the toxic waste: The existence of paper bags has helped folks to decrease the amount of toxic waste. It is self-satisfactory to promote paper bags to save our earth.
  • Reusable: in certain extents, you can use paper bags as long as they are still in the firm condition. Many manufacturers are focusing on paper bags because of their reusable characteristics.
  • Energy and cost saver: It can help you to save more energy in the house. Since you can use paper bags to wrap your foods. You don’t have to waste your parchment paper and can use it for other purposes instead.

What are the parchment paper substitutes for baking?

You may love to use parchment paper for baking. But when you are baking something special, you don’t have to rely on the parchment paper.

When it is running out, you can use aluminum foil as a good parchment paper substitute.

If you still have aluminum foil in your kitchen, then that will be great. You can line your pan, mold, or tray with it. But that is not all. Aluminum foil does not offer non-stick layer.

So, you will need to coat it with your cooking spray or butter. The good thing here is that aluminum foil won’t stick to the pan. There is a good trick with this.

You could cut the size in extra so that it eases you to hold it and remove it when you are done. Don’t forget to grease the surface of the foil to prevent the ingredients from sticking to it.

If you are looking for an alternative that is tougher than aluminum foil, consider using Silpat or silicone baking mat. The silicon-based heat resistant is reusable, durable, and long-lasting.

In many ways, it tends to be a better option than parchment paper. But only one thing that it can win over parchment paper is the price.

Most of the silicone baking mats you see in the market are more expensive. If you are okay with this, you could proceed.

If you run out anything I mentioned above, you could go back to the basics. Grease the baking molds. It could be greasy but the conventional way always works.

You could cost your pans or molds with butter or cooking spray. Pick one which is suitable for your recipe the most. Then after greasing your pan, sprinkle a little amount of flour.

Make sure that the flour stick to the grease evenly. Then give a little tap to get rid of extra flour. That’s it and you are all set.

A word of wisdom – don’t use paper bags or wax paper. The wax can melt easily and get mixed with your food. You will not want to prepare dangerous foods for everyone.

What you should use instead of parchment paper?

That will depend on the purpose of using the paper. Here are the alternatives you could consider.

Silicone baking mat – for baking

Silicone baking mat is commonly known as Silpat in the market. It is a popular choice amongst the households and commercials bakers because of its longevity and reusability.

You can reuse this mat over and over again in the future for various purposes. Whether you use it for cooking or baking, you cannot go wrong with this option. Since it’s made of silicone, it provides a non-stick surface.

Waxed paper – for storing, presenting, or wrapping

Waxed paper can be a good replacement for parchment paper if your purpose of using does not have things to do with high heat. The thing is that wax paper has a low melting point.

So, it is not good for cooking or baking in high heat. There’s a chance the melted wax gets mixed into your foods and you won’t want to present that to your family members.

You can use this for storing, presenting, or wrapping your foods. 

Aluminum Foil – Better heating transfer

The next recommendation that I’d like to propose is the aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is a great alternative since it is affordable, flexible, as well as dependable. It performs much better heat transfer.

The flexibility of the aluminum foil allows the users to lift the food and release them without any hassle. You can also do quick cleaning thanks to the flexible characteristic of the foil.

However, aluminum foil tends to be sticky because it does not have a non-stick layer. So, make sure you grease the surface just a little bit with cooking spray.

Silicone rubber molds – reusable

If you are baking something, consider picking silicone rubber molds or Silpat as parchment paper alternative.

It does give the flexibility so that you can make any item with various shapes and sizes. But it tends to be more expensive than parchment paper.

It stands for the high temperature. It is also reusable, which makes it a perfect parchment paper substitute.

Cooking spray – the conventional way of non-stick pan

If you can’t opt for any of the above, you can use cooking spray. The cooking spray can be a good coat that prevents your ingredients from sticking to your pans or molds.

Chances are you already have it in your kitchen. So, don’t feel guilty to use cooking spray when you are running out of parchment paper.

Also read:

Can you use wax paper instead of parchment paper?

Yes, you can use it for many tasks but without any heating procedure. Baking or cooking in parchment paper is not like doing it in wax paper.

Wax paper, as the name suggests, has a coating of wax on each of the side. Wax on the paper helps you to prevent the food from sticking.

But the huge difference between wax paper and parchment paper is that wax paper is not heat-resistant. It is unfortunate to use the wax paper if your purpose is for cooking or baking in high temperatures.

Wax can melt in the high temperature and it can mix with your food. The last thing you want is that your family members are intoxicated with the wax when eating.

Wax paper, however, can be a great replacement for parchment paper. For instance, it can be much helpful to roll out dough, lining the baking pan, making a no-bake cake, pounding meat into cutlets, layering some items, dusting, and many more.

The wax paper can come in different sizes so that you can use it for non-heat methods in many scenarios. Wax paper is also a great alternative to wrap the ingredients and foods.

For instance, you could wrap the tacos, sandwiches, potato wedges, fish and chips, and other kinds of food.

Wax paper is also moisture resistant and non-stick. Although I did mention that it resembles the characteristic of parchment paper, you cannot heat it up to as high as 450 degrees since it has a low melting point.

So, you can use the wax paper to line the baking sheets, wrap foods, etc. But that’s it.

Don’t use it to conduct oven, baking, or other heating methods. As long as you are not cooking with the heat, you can use wax paper to replace parchment paper.

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Can you use aluminum or tin foil instead of parchment paper?

Yes, you can use it instead of parchment paper. It’s a better replacement you may find. But you need to do some extra work to make it work.

Aluminum foil does not have non-stick surface. That means you need to grease your aluminum foil first before proceeding.

Since Aluminum foil conducts heat faster, you might also need to reduce your baking time. But it will only be slightly different.

Keep in mind that each recipe has different ingredients that can affect to the baking or cooking time.

Here’s a different thing, parchment paper as its own characteristics can prevent sticking and as well as browning on the bottom part of the ingredients.

Greasing the aluminum foil can really resemble the non-stick characteristic of the parchment paper. However, for the second factor, browning does not work the same as aluminum foil.

The aluminum foil does not reduce the risks of browning of the bottom part, which makes it a bit tricky when you use the aluminum foil for baking.

Your cookies can brown much faster. Therefore, you will want to get creative with the cooking time.

Using aluminum foil means that your ingredients will cook faster and the bottoms will brown much faster.

To workaround with this, you will want to set your oven to slightly lower temperature and cut the baking time slightly shorter.

As mentioned, the bottoms of the cookies which get heated on metal can brown much quicker.

The reason is obvious, aluminum and other metals are great heat conductors. So, they will quickly release the heat top the bottoms of your ingredients.

If you have been browsing in the market, you might notice that some of them are shiny side up and down. the types of foil are different.

You can place your food on either side. Just make sure to grease the surface with a little bit of cooking spray. Here are what you can do with the aluminum foil:

  • Roasting chicken in the oven
  • Grilling foods
  • Steam the fish in the oven
  • Baking cookies
  • Baking brownies and cakes
Can you use freezer paper instead of parchment paper?

Actually no, both are made for different works. Parchment paper used mostly in baking, heating kind of stuff. But freezer paper made for used in freezer to freeze stuff.

There have been many people who are wondering if they can use freezer paper instead of parchment paper.

The freezer paper is thick paper with coating on one site. The coating can be plastic or wax. When you look at freezer paper, you might mistake it with wax paper since it is almost the same in appearance.

What makes it different from parchment paper is that parchment paper does not have coating at all. Meanwhile, wax paper has a coating on both sides. Freezer paper only has coating on one side.

As the name suggests, the freezer paper is usually used to wrap ingredients for freezing. The waxy part of the paper should be in contact directly with the meat surface to help prevent moisture loss.

Besides meat and seafood, you can also wrap your cheese to prevent it from drying out.

While parchment paper can help you with cooking, heating, and other things which involve heat, you cannot do the same for freezer paper. The coating in the freezer paper is the key to keep the ingredients moist while frozen.

To conclude, parchment paper is the master of the heat, freezer paper is the master of the coldness.

Share your thought about what will you use instead of parchment paper and tell me if I missed anything 🙂

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