10 Best Kitchen Faucets for Hard Water 2023 (Buyer’s Guide)

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If you live in an area where you get hard water, then you must know how difficult and painful it is.

Kitchen Faucets are the center of attention in your dream kitchen… and an integral part of the kitchen that you cannot remove. Kitchen Faucets are not something you would keep on changing regularly, so it is essential that you choose the desired faucet first time only.

top pick
WEWE Commercial Kitchen Sink Faucet
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Attractive design and setup
  • Easy flow control
  • Reasonable cost

If you get hard water in your kitchen, a common issue you will face is mineral deposits or calcium buildup, which would not look good as well as reduce the durability of your kitchen faucet.

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What Is A Faucet?

A faucet is essentially a piece of equipment or device that avail water from the plumbing system. Generally, most faucets consist of handles, cartridges, aerators, and mixing chambers. Faucets are mostly made of brass or stainless steel. Brass has excellent chemical properties that will help to reduce the hardness of the water.

Water coming out from Kitchen Faucet

There are quite alluring and classy options available for kitchen faucets. You get a variety of options… like, pull out and pull down sprayer, high or low arc kitchen faucets. You can choose the desired option as per the space available on your countertop and the type of installation you prefer.

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Different Types Of Faucets

  • Ball faucet: This type of faucet comes with only a single handle with a cap that is typically round or ball-shaped. This type of faucet is the one that is most commonly used in kitchens.
  • Cartridge faucet: A cartridge faucet comes with two handles and is commonly used when you need lines for both hot water and cold water in a single place. Such cartridges are usually mostly seen in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Disc Faucet: A more modern version of faucets, these faucets take a turn from traditional and conventional faucet designs. Disc faucets consist of only a single lever but will have two ceramic disks. Two disks will usually control the flow of water by moving and back and forth inside a mixing chamber.  
  • Compression washer faucet: A compression washer faucet has a really old and traditional design. They are quite cheap but have significant leakage issues, which do not really make them the best choice for a faucet.

Features To Look For Before Buying A Kitchen Faucets For Hard Water

Beautiful kitchen faucet

Here are all the important features you need to consider before buying a faucet:

1.Don’t just be smitten with looks – Yes, looks matter, especially if you are looking to upgrade your kitchen or just want everything to look presentable. But do not buy faucets solely based on how pretty they’ll look in your kitchen, make sure you take into account other features of functionality too.

2.Water flow and pressure need to be considered – High pressure and speedy water flow will only lead to the water being splashed everywhere. Check for faucets that have a steady and balanced water flow without too much pressure.

3.Spout height and spout reach – Make sure that the spout height, as well as spout reach of the faucet, will accommodate the design structure of your sink. Otherwise, it will be too much work and restricts the natural ease with which kitchen faucets usually work.

4.Choose a single handle over a double handle – Sure, a double handle may look great and may even appear to be easy to use, but truth be told, a single handle would be the most convenient type of faucet you’ll get.

5.Don’t buy products that need high maintenance – Having to worry about your faucet’s maintenance constantly will actually cause more trouble than you think. Completely avoid high maintenance faucets and go for the simpler ones instead.

6.Number of holes in your sink – This is one factor that most people overlook, considering it to be irrelevant. The truth is that unless you buy a faucet that matches the precise number of holes in your sink, any other faucet you may buy is of no use.

7.Water filtering features – A lot of people spend extra money on buying water bottles, which are not just expensive in the long run but contribute to the buildup of plastic bottles in our environment. This is why you should check for water filtering features in your faucet and buy one if the costs fit within your budget.

Our 10 Best Kitchen Faucets

Let’s compare the products based on its features and characteristics.

ProductUnique FeaturesMaterialDesignEase to Install/ Use
WEWE Single Handle one hole Kitchen Sink FaucetNon-splash, aerated stream, 360 degrees swiveling.Heavy-Duty Metal; Temperature and Pressure Resistant PEX HoseGooseneck
Single handle design
Easy Installation within 20 minutes
WEWE Single Handle Pull-Out Kitchen FaucetMulti-flow Mode

with a single handle
Rust-resistant material with a Ceramic valve with an ABS plastic aeratorBrushed Nickel StyleEasy single or three-hole installation.
SOKA Single Handle Kitchen FaucetThree Working Modes & Pull Down Sprayer
Stainless SteelAQUABLADE DesignEasy to install
American Standard Soft 1 Handle Pull Down Kitchen FaucetADA Approved Drip-free Handle

Memory Position Valving
Ceramic Disc Valve Cartridges and Brass MaterialPolished Chrome StyleEasy installation with or without escutcheon
Appaso Pull Down Kitchen Faucet5-layer PVD and Nanotechnology, High-precision valve and a 360-degree swivel.
Solid Brass, 304 Stainless Steel, Zinc, PEX Hose, ABS PlasticBrushed Nickel Style
Easy brush nickel system installation
Everflow Kitchen Faucet2 handles Easy-grip on sprayer
Superior quality Chrome FinnishA high-arc spout and Ergonomic designN.A
Aimadi Commercial Kitchen Faucet with SprayerPull down swivel spout
Ceramic disc valves Stainless steel kitchen faucet and Brass Material
Unique LED light design
Easy Installation
Essa Pull Down Kitchen Faucet
Magnet docking Diamond seal technology and Touch-clean spray holesArctic Stainless Bronze MaterialTouch2O FinishEasy Installation
Owofan Kitchen Faucets360-degree rotation, 2 modes: stream and spray Pull-down commercial design and a Flexible hose
BrassPull down commercial designEasy setup and installation
Kate Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen FaucetSpray and stream function, Touch-clean technology, 20-inch hose reach and 360-degree high arc swivel spoutStainless Brass MaterialMagnetite dockingEasy to install

Best Overall: WEWE Single Handle One Hole Kitchen Sink Faucet

What We Liked
  • Setup and configuration are simple
  • Multifunctional
  • Versatile Pull-Down Wand
  • Strong Design
  • Economical
What We Didn’t Like
  • Faucet could leak
  • Inconsistent Temperature Sensitivity
  • Not long-term
  • Unusual placement of the nozzle

Here is a stylish and modern faucet with a gorgeous design that will go with any kitchen. The structure is incredibly elegant and temperature-resistant, strengthening the spray head.

You can operate the faucet without difficulty or concern about changing water pressure or temperature degrees. Matte black kitchen faucet with several layers of resistance against rust, damage, and fading. Simply wipe the faucet down with a gentle cloth to keep it sparkling and new.

It offers a forceful spray, a non-splashing aerated flow, or a pause. It has a high arch and can rotate 360 degrees. The water faucet hose has a full 24″ usable length with exterior sink ranges.

The sprayer kitchen faucet comes with every component already attached. All you require is an adjusting wrench for attaching the main pipe valve. Usually, twenty minutes is sufficient. The pull-down sprayer faucets are already attached to the food-grade cross-linked PEX inner hoses, assuring water purity.

Long-term water and energy costs will be significantly reduced it. Its smooth single-lever handle improves flow and temperature control and adds to its elegance. It is constructed of premium brass for increased efficiency and longevity.

Key Features:

  • Neoperl Aerator
  • Splash-Free Single-Lever Flow Control
  • Magnetic Docking
  • Dual Function Spray that seamlessly switches between aerated stream and powerful stream of water along with a Stream Pull-Down Spray Head
  • 360-degree spout swivel
  • Kerox Ceramic Cartridge

Premium Choice – WEWE Single Handle Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

What We Liked
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate
  • User-maintenance friendly
  • Excellent temperature control
What We Didn’t Like
  • Loose factory connections
  • Irregular configuration of cold and hotlines
  • Weight adjustment required
  • Not enough longevity

Another attractive, aesthetically pleasing brush nickel faucet with a pure brass finish has made this one a popular product. You have the option to choose from either a single-hole or three-hole installation as per your sink requirements.

It has a multi-flow mode providing three different modes in a single faucet, i.e., stream mode, spray mode, and pause mode. The faucet intents on making your dishwashing experience quite a fun and lively one. The pause mode can be quite handy when you are washing two different things, and you don’t want to turn off the faucet or close the handle every time.

The stream mode is great when you need to clean by filling in your utensils, and the spray mode is pretty useful when you need a wider and deeper cleaning. The pause button also helps you to avoid splashing water while switching the modes, making sure even the water is not wasted.

Key Features:

  • Ceramic valve with an ABS plastic aerator
  • Multifunctional Water Effect with 3 separate modes
  • A single handle makes controlling water temperature much easier
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant finish

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SOKA Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

What We Liked
  • Simple to install
  • Low in weight
  • User-friendly
  • Beautiful Design
  • High grade
What We Didn’t Like
  • Cheap Gasket
  • Leakage problems
  • Shortened longevity
  • Discoloration could occur

The SOKA Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Modern Faucet is a fantastic choice for your advanced kitchen because it is simple to use, has amazing benefits, and complies with all regulatory requirements. In addition, it has a modest and efficient layout.

Its body is finished in 304 stainless steel, which guards against corrosion and oxidation as well as harsh water stains.

A vigorous blade of water is produced by a specially constructed pull-down sprayer, which is more potent than a spray type.

Three settings are available: stream for filling water, spray for intense washing, and forceful sweep blade for dishwashing. These kitchen sink faucets are the ideal match for you because the single-handle sink faucet kit includes all the gadgets. High-strength packaging guards against impairment to all gadgets.

Save time by choosing a faucet with the proper size and water outlet inclination for most sinks.

Key Features:

  • Resilient to Rust
  • Comes with a useful single handle with a 360° swivel range.
  • gorgeous chrome surface
  • Three Different Workmodes
  • Strong Blades

American Standard Soft 1 Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

What We Liked
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Can be installed with or without escutcheon
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Easy adjustment of water flow and temperature
What We Didn’t Like
  • Lack of magnet to hold the nozzle in place
  • Malfunctioning
  • Hose requires replacement after prolonged use
  • Not suitable for long term

A sturdy yet attractive faucet for your sink, which will not only look stunning for your kitchen backdrop but is quite functional as well. It has a classic design with a deck-mounted installation. It’s an environmentally friendly product, which even prevents water wastage.

The faucet is made up of ceramic disc valve cartridges that proudly boasts of being a drip-free and maintenance-free performance for an entire lifetime. The faucet also comes with a pull-down spray that has the much-loved pause feature. Another interesting feature is the Memory Position Valving, which allows the user to turn the valve on/off as per his/her preferred temperature settings without the need to adjust the handle each time.

The tall swivel spout has a perfect looking brass finish to it. Along with being corrosion and rust-resistant, the faucet is also resistant to scratches and tarnishes, thus ensuring a long and beautiful life. It even has a pull-down spray, which is used to adjust the spray pattern to either spray or pause the flow. It has two integral check valves that prevent backflow of water, making it more reliable and durable.

Key Features:

  • Drip-free for a lifetime
  • ADA (Americans with Disability Act) approved handle
  • Pull-down sprayer with an adjustable spray pattern
  • Comes in 2 designs: classic design and slim design
  • Meets all the safety standards set by the government

Appaso Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

What We Liked
  • 5-year warranty
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Easy installation
What We Didn’t Like
  • Faulty sprayer
  • Connectors are not long

This pull-down kitchen faucet has a stainless steel finish, made of eco-friendly materials to ensure its users’ safety.It comes in 3 setting modes for the stream, spray as well as to pause.

This single-handle pull-down faucet looks as stylish as ever and can be a great addition to kitchens, especially for modern kitchens. The brush nickel system also ensures that you can install the faucet in less than 30 minutes.

Coming with a strong and sturdy foundation, this one will ensure that washing dishes can now be a seamless task without any interruptions. The heavy-duty brass body not only ensures durability but also protection against corrosion and rust. Therefore, it is best to beat hard water.

Key features:

  • User-friendly US standard size
  • 5-layer PVD and Nanotechnology
  • High-precision valve
  • 360-degree swivel

Everflow Kitchen Faucet

What We Liked
  • Chrome plated finish
  • Lead-free
  • Pull-out hose
  • 2.2 GPM water flow rate
What We Didn’t Like
  • Leakage through spray handle
  • Damaged nozzle spray
  • Plastic anchors are not durable enough

This Everflow kitchen faucet comes with a high arc swivel spout that makes it easier to fit the appliance on your kitchen and easy usage while washing dishes. The simple design perfectly complements both traditional kitchen designs as well as modern kitchens.

It has a superior quality chrome finish, making it really durable and protects against hard water, which may erode the faucet’s surface. The 2-handle design helps you use hot water and cold water simultaneously, although these need to be purchased separately.

The sprayer has an ergonomic design, making it easier to hold it and provide a better grip on the device. The lead-free materials ensure that you are safe from possible damage.

Key features:

  • 2 handles
  • High-arc spout design
  • Easy-grip on sprayer

Aimadi Commercial Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer

What We Liked
What We Didn’t Like
  • The filler is not long enough
  • Sprayer becomes too hot when running hot water

With quite the right aesthetics and modern looks, this faucet will look extremely beautiful in any kitchen. It is made to perfection to suit any time of kitchen décor.

The faucet is basically a single-handle faucet that features a pull-down sprayer that makes it easier to use with wider coverage. The LED light design is a brilliant feature that you won’t find in many other kitchen faucets of a similar kind.

The faucet has a brushed nickel finish and a body finish of solid brass, and with the help of the handle, it is much easier to control the flow of both hot water and cold water. The ceramic disc valves of the faucet are made to last for as long as possible.

Key features:

  • Ceramic disc valves
  • Unique LED light design
  • Pull down swivel spout

Popular choice – Essa Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

What We Liked
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to clean
  • 4 finishes
What We Didn’t Like
  • Damaged cartridge assembly
  • Replacement parts are not available easily

This pull-down kitchen faucet comes with a contemporary design, making it perfect for modern and modular kitchens. And what’s better? It comes in 4 finishes you can choose from – chrome finish, matte black finish, Venetian bronze finish, and an arctic stainless finish.

The powerful magnet docking ensures that the faucet stays right in place without spilling water all over while using. Another great feature is the LED lights that keep changing colors according to the water temperature.

The faucet also has rubber spray holes made of an ultrasoft material, making the whole cleaning process easier and avoiding the buildup of minerals and other particles.

Key features:

  • Magnet docking
  • Diamond seal technology
  • Touch-clean spray holes

Owofan Kitchen Faucets

What We Liked
  • Easy installation and setup
  • High-arch spout design
  • Pull-out sprayer
What We Didn’t Like
  • Leaking issues on the faucet seal
  • Handle swings to and fro
  • Faucet only has one nut

With high-quality solid brass material, this faucet is literally a great and efficient product. The brass finish helps prevent water spots and fingerprint marks on the appliance and is also great for resistance against hard water.

The 360-degree rotation feature allows for a better range of motion and movement while using the faucet, and the flexible hose makes it all the more convenient.

The sprayer is made of high-quality, durable material, and it comes in 2 modes, the stream mode, and the spray mode. The spray holes being easy to clean ensure that there is no mineral residue left behind.

Key features:

  • 360-degree rotation
  • 2 modes: stream and spray
  • Pull-down commercial design
  • Flexible hose

Budget-friendly choice – Kate Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

What We Liked
  • Diamond seal technology
  • Magnet docking
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
What We Didn’t Like
  • Leaking and dripping issues
  • Difficult to control water temperature
  • Handle is not stable

Heres another versatile kitchen faucet that can be extremely useful in the kitchen dealing with hard water.

The faucet’s MagnaTiTe docking system keeps the faucet intact and prevents water from leaking or drooping, which is a common problem found in many faucets. The product is also backed by Delta’s lifetime limited warranty, making it all the more attractive to the buyer.

Made with quality that exceeds industry standards, this faucet claims to be 2 times more durable than other faucets. With the ability to fit into 3 types of sinkholes, installation is an easy and effortless process for this faucet.

Key Features:

  • Spray and stream function
  • Touch-clean technology
  • Magnetite docking
  • 20-inch hose reach
  • 360-degree high arc swivel spout



Finding the right faucet for all your kitchen needs can be a hassle, whether it will be durable or not.

Here’s a kitchen faucet that will be perfect and won’t cause you much trouble while handling hard water is the Kraus KPF-1640CH Nola Kitchen Faucet. It has all the features of a good faucet sprayer due to its great functions like the Dual Functioning Spray, NeoPerl operator, Splash-free Single-lever Flow Control, etc. It also has rubber nozzles, which will not cause any rust or stains due to hard water, along with a great design that makes your kitchen look simple and neat.

If you’re looking for an aesthetic design and premium features both in one faucet, you should go for the Essa Pull Down Kitchen Faucet. It is one of the popular choices too.

But, if you’re looking for an affordable option that is versatile and functional as well, then your top choice should be the Kate Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet.

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