What to Use When You Don’t Have Bench Scraper

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For those of you who are used to working in the kitchen, a bench scraper is one of the important tools that must be available. Bench scraper sometimes called a bench knife or chopper.

This tool shaped Bench scraper has many functions, such as cutting dough and cakes, cutting fruits and vegetables, cleaning your table after finishing making bread dough, or even cleaning the cutting board after you cut meat.

Bench scraper is also useful for dropping the vegetables from the cutting board and dropping them into soup pots. While some people might use their knives to cut vegetables or fruit, a bench scraper makes cutting work safer and faster.

You can also make your knife not easily worn. Some other uses are Cutting fat into flour, Smooshing garlic, Cutting dough evenly, and Quickly measuring ingredients.

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What if there is no bench scraper?

A bench scraper is a multifunctional tool and very important in the kitchen. Then what if during an emergency you need a bench scraper but the device is not there?

Be calm and don’t panic. There is some simple kitchen equipment that you can use instead of a bench scraper.

The back end of a knife.

a knife

It doesn’t matter if you use a knife to cut the dough as long as the knife you use is very sharp so the dough doesn’t stick. Or you can smear the knife with butter or oil before using it to cut the dough.

Icing Spatula

Icing Spatula

A bench scraper is also used to spread buttercream on the surface of the cake. If you don’t have a scraper bench, you can use the icing spatula. Although it is not as wide as a bench scraper surface, this icing spatula is also effective for cake frosting.

A spatula can be used to add texture and pops of color to a cake. Besides, icing spatula can be used to add texture and pops of color to a cake.

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Pie Spatula

Pie Spatula

Pie Spatula is also commonly called cake shovel or pie knife. This tool is usually used to cut and serve slices of cakes and pies.

This tool has varying edges, some are smooth and some have jagged edges. This Pie spatula can also be used to cut and serve pizza. Also, in an emergency, you can use it to cut the dough, replacing the bench scraper.

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Cake server

Cake server.

Cake servers are usually used to place pieces of cake on a plate to be served. We often find this tool in the kitchen and often made of stainless steel.

Cake servers can also be made of wood or plastic. This tool is available in various shapes and sizes. What we often encounter is a cake server with a flat, triangular surface with a straight or bent handle.

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