How to Use a Pastry Cutter

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Do you want to use a pastry cutter? But don’t know to use it. You are in the right place. In this post, I will share how you can use a pastry cutter if you are a beginner to pastry making.

If you are just like many people, you’d agree that making the pastry dough can be a bit daunting for the first time. The overworked dough can ruin the fun. But it is not a problem anymore since there is a pastry cutter as the solution.

The pastry cutter, if you use it correctly, can help you make such perfect pastry dough with fantastic ingredients. The Pastry cutter has small parts that can make the butter and flour tightened. Failure seems to be underlying when ones do not use the pastry cutter properly. So, here are some tips which you can consider to do around with pastry cutter.

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Pastry cutter must be at normal temperature to operate

Before using a pastry cutter, you will want to chill it first. Experts stated that the best pie crusts are thanks to the chilled ingredients before assembling. If you were using the cold butter and chilled water, you will want to use the room temperature pastry cutter to mix the ingredients and make the dough.

It is recommended to stick the pastry cutter in the freezer for at least 30 minutes before using it for making the dough. So, make sure the pastry cutter is ready before doing anything else.

Mixing the pastry dough carefully

The cubed butter and flour come together in the bowl. Then, you will need to carefully mix the ingredients to make a great dough. Make the flour and cubed butter mixing together in a bowl. You will need to rock the pastry cutter back and forth through the two ingredients.

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Add the water slowly and eventually. It is important to control the moisture level of the dough. it is also important to use the right technique when rocking the pastry cutter through the mixture.

Every time you work the cutter through the mixture, you are conducting more and more gluten in the pastry flour. When you are expecting flaky crust, the gluten level should be adequate enough. You will want to mix it as even as possible.

You could also consider the other uses of the pastry cutter. A pastry cutter is designed purposely for the pastry premises. While it does not come with the versatility, you can use this cutter for other purposes too.

The design of the pastry cutter can be helpful for many kinds of purposes in your kitchen. For instance, when you are making pasta, you can make it easier with the pastry cutter. Pastry cutter can help you when you are making pasta also.

The pastry cutter is not as advanced as a blender but you can easily make good pastries with it. It can do it’s work very nicely. If you don’t have a pasty cutter in your kitchen you can use an alternative of pastry cutter which may be available in your kitchen. Check out my on pastry cutter substitute, when you don’t have a pastry cutter.

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