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Cookies have a very beautiful effect to make people feel happy when eating them. Even so, the process of making cookies can be very troublesome. As many people know, the basic step in which most of us tend to lose patience is to measure the chunks of the main dough.

Yes, this process is tiring! Never mind beginners, senior cake makers will also agree that the process of measuring the dough into the same chunks is difficult and time-consuming. This is where cookie scoop becomes a hero.

Previously you might not pay too much attention to cookie scoop, now, it’s time you start to use it. A cookie scoop is one tool that plays an important role in your kitchen. Although commonly used to scoop ice cream, spoons can also be used to measure the dough.

Even measuring spoons using dough can be easier and faster. You can make the mixture into the same shape and weight. As a result, during the baking process, your cookies can be cooked at the same time. You can read this post to know how you can drop dough from scoop faster.

As with spoons, cookie scoop also has different size calculations. for those of you who want to use a cookie scoop to measure the dough, you should know what size scoop you use to match your needs.

Holding cookie dough in bowl

If you know the gauge # of your scoop, you can calculate how many tablespoons you need. If you know how many tablespoons, you can calculate the gauge # of scoop you need.

The following is a comparison of the size of cookie scoop that is often used with tablespoons (tbs), making it easier for you to measure the dough.

1. size # 16 = 4 tbs

2. size # 20 = 3.2 tbs

3. Size # 24 = 2.67 tbs

4. size # 40 = 1.6 tbs

5. size # 50 = 1.28 tbs

6. size # 60 = 1.07 tbs

7. size # 80 = 0.914 tbs

8. size # 100 = 0.64 tbs

Based on the size comparison earlier, you can find out that scoop has many sizes, only the above mentioned is the size of the scoop that is often used, actually, there are still a few more sizes. However, the size of the scoop was enough to help you. If you pay attention, measure the size of another scoop than the others.

For example size # 50. # 50 does not represent 50mm or 50ml. A # 50 means that you will get 50 spoons of one liter of dough. A # 40 will give you 40 spoons of a liter, which is why it’s smaller.

The higher the number, the smaller the spoon. And, if you want to buy a scoop in a store, you will be faced with large, medium and small sizes. Usually, the benchmark is # 30 for large, # 40 for medium, and # 70 for small.

To make 1-inch cookie dough, you can use the smallest size, which is size # 100. Because the size # 100 is for making 2-inch cookies, you should fill in half the size of size scoop # 100.

If your cookie scoop breaks or not work properly. And you don’t want to buy a new one so you need to fix it. If you want to fix your cookie scoop you can read this article.

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