No Pastry Cutter? Here Are Some Alternatives You Can Use

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Certainly, food lovers always like to taste good pastry anytime, whether it’s before or after the meal. Some also like to make the pastry at home, instead of buying them readymade.

But think about a situation, when you are about to start making the pastry, but the processor won’t even work or you don’t have a pastry cutter gadget in your kitchen, what did you do then!

Surely, we don’t like that situation and try to improvise. We have to find some replacements for the pastry cutter. With this in mind, today we are about to find some alternatives to pastry cutter with some interesting information about pastry cutter. I hope you will like these little pieces of information and you can share these with your friends and family.

Using Forks


We all have forks in our kitchen. Its time to bring them into the making of the game of pastry! Make sure the fork is clean and dry. Cut the butter into tiny pieces. Then take a bowl and mix all the dry ingredients using the fork.

Then add the butter pieces in small quantities and mix them well using the forks sharp ending. Squish the butter pieces and continue that until you get a consistent mixture for your pastry.

Do you know: The biggest pastry in the world was estimated 16.25 feet long & 7.87 feet wide & it weighed approximately 660 pounds and it’s baked by ‘Mantecados La Muralla’.

Using Knife


A good kitchen should have different types of knives. Though you don’t need to protect yourself from any strangers using a knife, surely the pastry can be mixed and cut well using that.

You need to use two knives for maximum effect. Firstly, cut the cold butter in the bowl by small pieces. Then you can add the remaining ingredients. And using two knives, mix them well until you find the butter is evenly mixed with the flour and creates a nice dough. And then make the pastry for your friends and family.

Do you know: The largest pastries serving number in one day? During a classic event in Budapest, Hungary,- approximately 10,000 pastries were served. Lastly, you need to work slowly and consistently because working with knives always brings risk factors.

Using Your Hands

God gifted us two hands that we should use wisely. So, why not we use our hand to mix the ingredients of the pastry! But to do that we also need to consider about the hygiene. So, the hands needed to be washed with liquid soap and clean water.

baked pastry

Then after drying the hand using a tissue, we can start our main journey. First, take the flour in a bowl and add the butter as needed. Then sing the fingers, mix them well.

Also, make sure the butter will be mixed with the flour evenly. If you feel that your hands are getting hot, stop immediately, and cool and dry your hand again. The fat/ butter can break by the heat generated by squishing them and make the pastry test bad.

IQ: During the Muslim invasion in the 7th century, pastries were first introduced to Europeans.

Using Cheese Grater

With the help of Cheese Grater, you can also ready your pastry dough. For this, the main point is to super cool the butter using your refrigerator. In a bowl, take the pastry ingredients, and then grate the butter using your cheese grater.

When you half-finish, keep the butter in the fridge again. Then mix them using your hand or fork; anything you like. The good part is, the butter is now in small pieces, so it going to mix well.

When you are half done mixing, take the remaining part of the butter and grate again. Follow the procedure, until you get a nice evenly consisted dough. In ancient Egypt, the pastry making was an art, and all other civilizations have their testy versions of pasty, that you also like to cook.

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Using Egg Mixer

The pastry dough can be prepared using the help of an egg mixer. In the bowl, after arranging all the dry ingredients, cut the slightly cold butter using something. After that, put the egg mixer in the bowl while setting it at a slow speed.

Make sure the butter pieces are small or it will not evenly going to mix with the dry ingredients. In a few minutes, you will have a normal pastry dough that you can use.

Because you are using an egg mixer in a bowl with dry ingredients first, so keeping the speed slow is very necessary. If you try with fast speed, you have a hard time to clean the place!

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Using Food Processor

Using a food processor, you can get a dough even quickly. First, put the dry ingredients in the food processor jar and tightly attach the lid. Then mix it for approximately 10 to 30 seconds.

When you see, the dry even mixture, stop the processor and open the lid. Using a knife, cut the cold butter into small pieces. Then seal the lid again and start the food processor. In 90 to 120 sec, you can have a good enough dough for your pastry.

If you think, your dough is prepared; you don’t have to wait till 90 seconds. The over-kill will make the dough wrong and it will not become a good pastry. The word pastry comes from an old English word which implies ‘made of paste’. But if you make it like paste, your day will be ruined.

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Surprisingly, there are many types of pastries with different tests, but they all have a common thing. The primary preparation is basically identical. You may find a fine-looking pastry in the stores, but the home-cooked is the best.

When our mother or grandmother’s pastry recipes passed through the generation, it became mutated and evolved to a new thing. Maybe the basic recipe remains the same, but to use modern gadgets or find the alternatives, we need to always improvise.

Today, we try to bring that in front of you, thus when you try to cook a pastry at home, you always able to make testy and fine-looking pastries. Cooking is an art, and in art, nothing is wrong; all things considered, this is my final word!

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These are some substitutes for pastry cutters that you can use when you don’t have pastry cutters in your kitchen. Which one will you like and think easy to use? If you have another substitute, please let me know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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