How to Fix A Cookie Scoop

Even though it seems just a simple tool, cookie scoops are very useful tools to help you make cookies. This tool measures the dough work easily and quickly.

You can also make a round cake batter quickly and with the same size. Produces satisfying pieces of dough. Each cookie scoop handles have springs that absorb pressure from the user’s hand while taking the dough.

The dough can be taken easily. Also, the handle is easily adjusted and fits in the user’s hand. Typically, medium-sized spoons have a dough capacity of up to 1.5 tablespoons.

Although it is a very useful tool, it does not guarantee that it cannot be damaged. If it breaks when you want to use it will be very annoying right? Some damage can occur in your cookie scoop.

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Here are some examples of damage that often occurs in the scoop and how to repair it.

1. Scooper dull and rough.

Washing using a washing machine is indeed practical, sometimes the results do not match what we expect. In some cases, scooper washed using a washing machine becomes dull and rough.

One way you fix this is by mixing vinegar and saltwater in the pan and heating it on the stove. Then put the scooper into it while boiling. After that let it soak in the pan overnight.

2. Scooper got off of the track.

A simple way to fix it is to pull the holder a little and put the ratchet piece back in place. After everything is in place, use some tape to attach it to the scooper so that the medal swing does not swing up. You also have to pull the little keeper back into place.

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Several factors cause your cookie scooper to be corrupted, some of which are:

1. The dough is too hard.

Sometimes people store the dough in the refrigerator and use it right away while it’s still frozen. Forcing the scooper cookie to take the batter can cause the scooper to be damaged. Damage that can occur is the bowl becomes uneven or rough until the spring broke.

2. Washing with a dishwasher

Never put your scooper in the dishwasher. This can cause the scooper to become dull and rough. Let the dishwasher wash the dishes, for scooper you can wash them by hand.

3. Remnants of sticking dough

The remaining dough can make the scooper dull, especially if left for a long time, your scooper can become rusty. If it’s like this, there’s no other way but to buy a new one.

4. Fell.

well, if this is what often happens. Usually, cookie scooper is made of stainless metal which is quite thick, if you buy good quality. Dropping several times will not immediately damage the mechanism of the tool.

But if you buy a low-quality one, falling once can make the scooper broken. For example, if the springs are broken or the spoon inside the scooper bowl becomes loose or even broken.

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