What Is a Bench Scraper Used For

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For those of you who like to make cakes, to make your baking equipment complete. One tool that plays an important role is the bench scraper.

At first glance, this thin stainless steel rectangle looks not very useful, but unlike its appearance, this magical tool has many functions in kitchen activities.

Not only when cooking, but also when making cakes or pastry. This tool not only functions as a scraper for tarts but can also function as a cake cutter and pizza cutter. You can also use it to cut bread, cut dough, and more.

Besides being multifunctional, this bench scraper is also rust-resistant and durable because it is made of stainless steel material. Here are some reasons why you should always prepare a bench scraper in your kitchen:

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As a cutting tool

The bench scraper function that we see most often is cutting dough, be it pizza dough, bread dough, or pie crust. Unlike a kitchen knife, a scraper will not stick to the dough, can cut, and divide the sticky and wet dough. This tool also keeps your fingers clean while processing the dough.

Scraper can also be used to chop frozen butter, pastries, and other dough. In addition to the dough, the bench scraper is also suitable for cutting brownies, fudge, and other baked cakes evenly while still in the pan. Also, some people use the tool to cut beef and even use it to cut vegetables such as carrots and peppers.

As a scraper.

The thin, wide, and sturdy scraper shape is perfect when used to scrape dry dough from baking surface without worrying about being scratched, lifting the dough that has been cut into unique shapes, and quickly cleansing the remnants of the dough.

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A scraper bench can also be used to smooth the icing around the sides of the cake. Another function that you don’t expect is that a scraper is also sometimes used by butchers to clean their cutting boards.

You do this by eroding the surface of their cutting board after being used to cut the meat so that there are no traces of meat attached.

As a measuring aid

If you intend to buy a bench scraper, buy a scraper with a carved ruler along the bar. You need to know, this ruler is not a decoration. The function of the ruler on the scraper bench is to make sure your dough has the right length or thickness before putting it in the pan.

You can also use a scraper to cut the cake dough log so you can cut the dough the same length. Besides, the scraper is also easy to store because it is thin and does not require much storage space. Save it in a place that you can easily reach so that when you are going to use it you can immediately find it.

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