Can You Use Butter Instead Of Oil In Brownies?

Can You Use Butter Instead Of Oil In Brownies?

A commonly asked question by all bakers is, Can you use butter instead of oil in brownies? Everyone wants their brownies to be soft like silk and doesn’t stick in their mouth while eating. For this purpose, fat is used, and fortunately, butter has fat present in it to easily use while making brownies.

Brownies are delightful little treats that please everybody’s heart. So someday, you decide to make brownies, and the instructions say use vegetable oil while making the batter. And you have butter with you because that’s what you use for baking other things. Keep reading to know the difference between oil and butter and other things related to brownies.

Butter vs. Oil

The debate about which is better, butter or oil, continues. Health experts say that oil is better than butter, but it’s not about calories. In fact, butter and oil have the same amount of calories in each gram.

The matter here is about which fat is healthy for your body. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, butter and further animal fats have high levels of saturated fats, which increase blood cholesterol levels and lead to various heart problems.

Oil like olive and canola oil are good for your health. But don’t consider butter as the villain here. It comes with its own benefits. Butter is used in most of the baking processes because of the texture it gives. Your brownies will turn out to be so smooth and non-greasy when you use butter.

this is a oil in the table

Butter instead of oil in brownies

If you have made the mood to make brownies, you should not waste your time worrying about health issues. It’s for one time only; next time, switch to a healthier option, but this time you can cheat.

You might have many cubes of butter in your fridge, and your olive oil bottle is counting its few last drops. Also, many people don’t like the taste of oil in their brownies. So if you’re making brownies to a full flavor, then butter would be an ideal choice.

You can take the same butter measurements as you would take for oil. However, you should melt the butter a little before pouring it into the batter. Then, let it cool so that it doesn’t disturb the temperature of the batter. Melted butter mixes quickly and gives your brownies a smooth texture.

Solid butter has tons of air bubbles present inside it, so when it melts, it expands and gives a nice texture to your baked good. It also mixes well with sugar, whereas oil faces problems doing so.

this is a butter

A quick tip: If you’re using salted butter instead of unsalted, then it’s better to use half the quantity mentioned in the recipe.

Will butter make brownies fudgy?

Brownies are known for their fudginess. So while making brownies, everyone gets worried whether their brownies would turn out to be completely fudgy or not. To make brownies fudgy, you need a higher fat to flour ratio, and butter has high fat. So if you use butter while making brownies, you can rest assured that your brownies will turn out to be perfectly fudgy.


With so many benefits, butter in your brownies will pack them with flavor and great texture. You can enjoy eating tasty brownies by putting your trust in butter and then mixing butter in brownie batter. Butter is inexpensive and can be easily found in everybody’s kitchen. And you don’t have to worry if you run out of it; you can simply grab it from your grocery store.

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