No Biscuit Cutter? Here Are 5 Biscuit Cutter Substitutes

Biscuit Cutter Substitute

If you have known a thing or two about biscuit making, you will know then that one of the keys to making a good biscuit is to determine its shape.

You can use a cookie cutter to make different sizes of biscuits, as well as different shapes. The cookie cutter can also be used to help turn the dough into the desired shape.

Unlike the other dough which you can shape with your bare hands, you are going to need the biscuit cutters to shape them. I know my friend, not all of you already have the cutters in your kitchen.

But you can rest assured now because you don’t have to go to a department store to get your biscuit cutter. You could work it around with these tips. Let me tell you, how you can cut biscuits without a biscuit cutter.

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Upside down glass

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I bet you have glasses of various sizes in your kitchen. What you’ll do is simple. Pick a glass with the size of your choice, then invert it. Et VOILA! You will have an emergency biscuit cutter replacement from your glass.

Since it is not like the authentic biscuit cutter, you will need to dip the glass in the flour before cutting your biscuits. You can use the drinking glass to the extent that various shapes are made. You can use the exact size of the glass to shape various sizes of the biscuits. Make sure that the dough does not stick inside.

Although it might require a lot of work (sprinkling flour in the mouth of the glass), it is much better than nothing. After flouring the glass rim, the dough won’t get stuck inside.

The glass with a thin rim can be a great option to cut through the dough. But if you don’t have one, the usual glasses can also work well. The only disadvantage about this option is that it will be difficult to get the dough out when it sticks inside your glass.

Commercial products cans

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To find the best biscuit cutter replacement, you can consider making use of your product’s cans. Well, it is up to you really. Whether it is the spam can, tuna, processed fruit can, or any other can, make sure that the size and shape are suitable to your preferences.

You will need a little work to prepare the can for biscuit replacement. First things first, you will need to remove both ends of the can then wash the can with a mild solution. Wipe it clean and the biscuit cutter from the can is ready to use.

Although you don’t need to remove both ends of the tin can, the topless sides can work well for you. Different from what the glass option can offer, you can get the dough out through another side if it gets stuck. If you remove both tin cans, there is no need to be afraid that the dough could get stuck inside.

You can easily push the dough out to the other end. The shape could get altered a little bit but it is not a problem at all. You can bend back the shapes or tear the dough that you don’t need to be part of biscuits.

Cookie cutter

cookie cutter in action

If there is a cookie-cutter in your kitchen, you can also use it to cut your biscuits into your desired shapes. But before proceeding, you will want to be selective with your cookie cutter. Cutters that work best are the cookie cutters with high sides.

Your old-fashioned cookie cutter can really help you to form the biscuits into various fun shapes as you desire. Consider a few shapes such as stars, moons, trees, gingerbread, or the old-fashioned ones.

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Shape your biscuits with your knife

Your knife is can be one of the fastest ways to cut the biscuits into the shape of your likeness. With the knife, you can form the biscuits in many shapes. It is also a great opportunity to be creative with your biscuit shapes.

Roll the dough in the square, then chop the dough into several pieces. Shape the dough with the edge of your knife. You can also use butter knives if you are comfortable with them.

Pizza cutter

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Sometimes, pizza cutters can also work well too. After rolling out the dough, you can cut any shape of the biscuits to your likings. Pizza cutters come in various sizes. You will want to decide which one to shape your biscuits.

Cut some popular shapes like squares, diamonds, triangles, or round ones. Use a straight edge to guide you to shape the dough with your pizza cutter. The good thing with the pizza cutter is that it is harmless to do it. If you are not up to risky business like cutting with your kitchen knife, a pizza cutter can be a great alternative.

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These are some substitutes for biscuit cutters that you can use when you don’t have it. Let me know which one will you use? If you have another substitute, please share it in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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