How to Clean a Pastry or Basting Brush

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Making cakes is a fun activity. from measuring and preparing the ingredients, making the dough, printing the dough to the baking sheet, to being a cake.

For people who like making cakes, making time is very fun. And, the climax will be achieved if the finished cake is in line with the expectations of the maker. Well, after you finish baking there is one important thing that should not be forgotten. Is that?

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Yep, that’s cleaning. Cleaning all the tools that you have used is a must. Equipment that is left dirty can be easily damaged and is certainly very unhygienic. Whether it’s a baking sheet, a dough table, a container for kneading, a spoon, a mixer, even a stove, all equipment must be kept clean.

Of all the equipment above, there is one tool that also must be considered clean and requires its way to clean it. That tool is a pastry brush or basting brush.

Unlike a baking sheet, which just needs to scrub the inside to be clean, cleaning the brush is more troublesome. If you rub it too harshly, the brush hair will become damaged and even fall out.

a pastry brush

There are two kinds of brushes that are used to baking. The first one uses ordinary brush bristles and the other one uses silicon bristles. Although different ingredients, how to clean it remains the same.

The difference is a brush that uses silicon can withstand high temperatures and is safe to clean using a dishwasher. Also, if you use a silicone bristle brush, you don’t have to worry about the bristles falling out like a normal brush. Here are some ways to clean brushes, namely:

With warm water but not too hot.

Pastry brushes are usually used to spread butter or egg yolks on the surface of the dough. Butter is the same as oil and is rather difficult to clean.

You can soak the brush in warm water so that the oil or butter used to melt and run from the bristles. After that, you can use soap and rub the bristles gently then rinse thoroughly.

With dish soap

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Dishwashing soap usually contains ingredients that can wear off the remnants of fat attached to the plate or cutlery.

This soap can be very effective for cleaning brushes. Rinse the brush first with water then use dish soap to wash away the remnants of dirt in the brush bristles, and finally rinse thoroughly.

With lime or lemon

Lemon water and lime juice are known to be effective in fusing oil and eliminating odors.

Brushes that have been used and are oily will usually need a lot of soap to clean it. Soak the brush in lemon juice for a while before washing it with soap. The result is your brush will be easier to clean.

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