Is Vitamix worth it? Everything You Need to Know About

Blenders are now a common kitchen tool worldwide, enabling quick and efficient preparation of various dishes. With a wide range of options available in terms of size, shape, and form, choosing the right blender to suit your taste and preferences can be challenging.

However, Vitamix blenders have gained significant attention in the culinary world, being considered the top-rated choice. Despite the high price, some critics pass judgment without firsthand experience or knowledge about the product.

Is Vitamix worth it? Vitamix is known for its efficiency and high quality. People all over the world are buying this type of blender and are more than satisfied with it. Thanks to a large choice of products and high quality, Vitamix blenders are known worldwide and are considered as one of the top blenders across the world.

In this article, we are going to show you why Vitamix is such a big phenomenon and why it can be a good investment as a kitchen tool.

What is a Vitamix?

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Vitamix is a brand of blender that can blend pretty much anything. This special blender is known for its high speed and strong blades that can chop even the hardest vegetables, fruits, or nuts.

You will be able to create several dishes including dips, dressing salads, soups, frozen desserts, sauces, juices, and smoothies. This type of blender is more on the pricy side, generally, you will find a Vitamix for $250 and up to $450.

You might think that it’s a high price, especially for a blender. However, Vitamix products come with various features that can be very useful for cooking. Additionally, any blender of this brand will have a 7-year warranty on it.

As such, if your blender has any type of dysfunction during that time, you will be able to change it for a new one or get it repaired for free. The Vitamix brand presents a large variety of blenders from a pretty simple one to others featuring many different settings of speed and modes that will allow you to cook a lot of dishes.

The Vitamix brand is well known worldwide in over 80 countries and is known for its consistency and efficiency as a blender.

History of Vitamix

Vitamix blenders were created by William Grover Barnard, also known as “Papa”. This man started his career selling kitchen appliances in 1921. Over the years, he travels around the world, while selling kitchen appliances at shows and fairs as well as plying his trade.

Through personal experiences, he started to be more aware of the importance of eating healthy food to improve one’s well-being and health. Generally speaking, he made a connection between our health and whole foods.

In 1930, new engines were introduced into the kitchen appliances: blenders. Barnard took an interest in this new wave of kitchen tools in 1937.

From that day on, William Barnard focused his company on manufacturing high-performance blenders. He chose the name Vitamix for his products. The fun fact is that the first part “Vita” actually comes from a Latin word that means “Life”.

His son, Bill, worked with him when he was of age, and decided in 1949, to promote Vitamix blenders through television.

This promotion actually became the first infomercial for a product and was also showing how this specific blender could help people in eating healthier food.

Bill Barnard succeeded his father in 1964 with a set goal: make delicious and healthy meals through blenders In the easiest way possible. Thanks to this mindset, the Vitamix brand was enhanced in terms of versatility, power, and ingenuity.

The first product able to provide various kitchen tasks such as making ice cream, soups, dough, and grind grain was the Vitamix 3600 in 1969.

From there, the Vitamix products kept growing and being more performant by offering new settings and speed. Nowadays, big chains such as McDonald’s and Starbuck are using blenders from the Vitamix brand.

Tips to use a Vitamix

As a blender, Vitamix is offering various features that sometimes can be hard to understand. There are so many options, that it is recommended to pay attention to the instructions for use for every Vitamix blender.

However, to save you some time, here is a list of useful tip for this brand that will help you get by with it.

The importance of the high speed

You might notice that every time you choose the high speed, the blender will get really noisy. It is one of the disadvantages of this brand, however, it shouldn’t be a deciding factor to stop using this feature.

The higher your speed will, the better results you will get with a Vitamix product. You’re afraid of your blender overheating? Don’t be! This model always comes with a cooling fan to prevent this type of issue.

On the opposite, the blender will overheat if you’re staying on low speed for a long time. Additionally, Vitamix blenders have a safety feature called “Automatic Overload Protection” that will automatically turn off the blender in case it is overheating.

Use the measuring cup

Another interesting feature of the Vitamix products is the fact that the liquid plug on the cover of the container is a measuring cup. Thanks to that, you can directly measure your liquid without the need for an extra tool.

Don’t forget about that fact and make it to good use! With that, you can add your ingredients efficiently and it will be a gain of time in the long run. Measurements are for an ounce and half an ounce.

How to load your blender

There is a correct order that you want to follow when you decide to blend ingredients into your blender. The following order to load ingredients will ensure ultimate results no matter the type of drink that you want to create.

However, this order will be reversed, if you choose a 20 ounce Vitamix because of the fact that, when mixing you will have to flip your container on top of your superpower blender.

  1. Liquids: Always start with the liquid whether it’s milk, water, or even yogurt.
  2. Dry items: After that, you can add any type of dry ingredients, such as spices, protein powders, seeds, or grains.
  3. Leafy green: Any type of green vegetables like kale and spinach will come next.
  4. Fruits and vegetables: Now, you can add the main ingredients that will give your drink consistency and flavor.
  5. Frozen items and ice: Always keep the frozen ingredients for the last. It will help blend everything more smoothly.

Pay attention to the quantities

Never underfill or overfill your Vitamix if you want to have optimum performance. Vitamix blenders come with a filling line on the container. As long as you are not exceeding this line, you won’t overfill your blender.

When you fill your blender, ensure that the ingredients are sitting at the bottom, on top of the blades. Otherwise, without friction between the ingredients and the blades, it will be hard to mix everything.

The importance of the tamper

A tamper is a tool that you can use to push down the ingredients in your blender. The huge advantage is that you can use it with the lid on, while the blender is mixing everything.

The tamper will help you ensure that all ingredients are properly processed, thus making your mixture smooth and without any chunk of food left. It is better to use the tamper with the lid on to avoid touching the blades with it.

Benefits of a Vitamix

Now that you are aware of what a Vitamix blender is and what important to pay attention to, it is time to discover the various benefits that come with owning one of these engines.

Easy cleanup

Cleaning up a blender is always a dreadful task. On some of them, you need to do everything by hang and it can take you a consequent amount of time. Thankfully, it is not the case for Vitamix.

With this type of blender, you just need to add a small amount of dishwashing detergent in the jar, mix with water, and run the blender on high speed for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

After doing that, your blender will be entirely clean! You can always run it a second time to be extra careful.

Cook food

On Vitamix, temperatures depend on the length of the blending process. The longer the blend will be, the hotter the ingredients will get.

To heat ingredients, you need your blender on high speed for a few minutes. With that feature, raw vegetables can be transformed into soup in less than three minutes.

Eat healthier

When you have a family and work life, it might become difficult to cook due to time. Cooking fresh meals can sometimes take hours, and not everyone can have that. Because of that, some people will get food delivered.

With Vitamix, you won’t have that issue anymore. You can make a proper dish in a matter of minutes. Many recipes will be at your reach! You will just need to cut your ingredients and put them in the blender. After that, your dish is almost done!

Possibility to blend everything

Thanks to their sharp blades, Vitamix blenders can cut even the hardest vegetables or nuts. It is not only a blender. With their speed and power, Vitamix products are food processors as well as choppers that are even able to grind coffee beans.

Apart from the blades, the jar itself is heat resistant with a capacity of two liters and a strong architecture.

Useful resources

When ordering a Vitamix, the blender is not the only thing that you will receive. The whole package also comes with a manual explaining everything about the blender’s components, cleaning recommendations, care, and use.

Additionally, at the end of the instruction book, you will find several recipes including drinks, desserts, dips, and other types of meals that you can make with the blender.

How to choose your Vitamix

As said before, Vitamix is a brand offering a large variety of blenders with all shape, size, and use.

To determine which blender will be perfect for your need there are certain factors that you need to pay attention to. The Vitamix main website can also help you find the perfect blender according to your preferences.

  • Container and attachment possibility: the goal is to know whether you want a standard container or if you prefer the option to use various containers and attachments. Depending on your use, your choice might differ.
  • Blender interface: you are now aware of the different features that a Vitamix blender can have. As such, you need to choose between touchscreens or standard dials. These features are the ones that help you choose the different modes on your blender.
  • Blender control: Vitamix is offering either a simple speed dial to blend your ingredients, or blending programs that have specific settings registered depending on the dish or drink you want to prepare.
  • What you can make: With Vitamix, you can either have a product that can blend anything or a simple blender mainly for cold drinks. In this last case, you won’t be able to blend whole spices or nuts.

With this guide, you are now aware of the most important information regarding Vitamix products. These blenders can be found in stores but also online. Before choosing one for yourself, make sure to check the different prices and features of each blender.

You can also choose to get an already used blender. Some people on Amazon will sell them at a lower price. However, if you are more interested in the latest, make sure to see the product before paying anything.

Scams often happen on the web and it would be best for you to avoid that. To avoid any issue, you can simply go on the website of Vitamix and order your product directly from there.

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