Can You Make Smoothies In a Food Processor?

Can You Make Smoothies In a Food Processor?

You might find it quite frustrating if you want to make a smoothie, but you don’t have the proper equipment for it. Many would suggest that the best way to make a smoothie is using a blender, but if you only have a food processor and still want a slushy smoothie?

Well, worry, not! You can easily make a smoothie in a food processor as it’s capable of liquifying food items just like the blender. However, making a smoothie in a food processor is somewhat different from making it in a blender.

In this article, we are going to discuss the process of making smoothies in a food processor.

Can you use a food processor to make smoothies?

Food processors can be used to make smoothies depending on which type of smoothie you want to make and what your ingredients are. Since the base ingredients can be liquified easily, and you have to look out for the rest.

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Following the below steps, you can easily use your food processor to make delicious smoothies:

  • Blend the ingredients: Always make a habit of blending the green ingredients first. Green ingredients may include spinach, kale, or some leaves. The blending of these ingredients takes a lot of time.

Therefore, blending them in the first place will help you in the process of making a smoothie. Also, its suggested using soft fruits and veggies instead of tough ones like root vegetables as they will not break completely, giving you a lumpy drink.

For base ingredients, you can use strawberries, bananas, etc. Use three parts of liquid with two parts of veggies or fruits along with ice(optional). Then you can add nuts, oats, or anything if you want.

  • Add fruits to the green ingredients: If you have frozen fruits, add them to the greens. Frozen fruits will help you to make a thicker and icier smoothie. But do not use super-chilled ones; let them defrost for a while, then use them so that they can easily blend.
  • Add additional ingredients: You can also add some additional ingredients such as powders, flavors, or health boosters to the mixture.
  • Add a liquid base: Now, you can add a liquid base to your mixture. Some examples of a liquid base are coconut water, milk, or regular water.
  • Add some sweeteners: You can add some sweeteners such as maple syrup, honey, or nectar to the mixture. Make sure that you have blended all the ingredients of the mixture.
  • Use the right attachment: Food processors have different sizes of blades and bowls, so it’s necessary to use the right one to make your smoothie. Use the main blade for this.
  • Start blending: Food processor has powerful blades that can be used to puree a lot of things, but do not add too much liquid at the start so that the veggies or fruits can be blended smoothly. Nobody wants a lumpy drink, so start blending with the fruits and veggies first, let it run, and in case it starts to stick to the sides of the bowl, add a little liquid from the funnel. Once you got a thick, smooth texture, add the rest of the liquid along with ice from the funnel, and your lump-free smoothie is ready to serve.
  • Removal of blades: The last step is to remove the blades of the food processor. You can now serve the smoothie immediately to your family or friends.
butter and chocolate mix well with blender

Can I use frozen fruits in a food processor?

You can surely use frozen fruits in a food processor. Make sure that these frozen fruits are not very large. You can keep these frozen fruits out of the refrigerator for 10 minutes before putting them in the food processor so that they are not iced hard. This would cause less wear and tear to the blades of your food processor.

Can I make a smoothie bowl with a food processor?

You can make a smoothie bowl with a food processor. You need not have a very expensive blender or even need a costly food processor to make a delicious smoothie bowl at home. In just a few minutes, you can prepare a perfect smoothie bowl with a food processor.

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Can I put ice in a food processor?

Yes, you can put ice in a food processor. A food processor is a fast and easy way to get crushed ice. Just throw a handful of ice in the food processor, and you will get a perfect blend of crushed ice.

grind the flour in the blender


Food processors are a must-have in your kitchen as you can do many tasks with its help. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily make a smoothie in a food processor. The vessel of a food processor is more shallow than that of a blender.

Now that you know about making a smoothie in a food processor, you can also try other flavored combinations of smoothies. You can try some traditional flavors such as strawberries, kiwis, and bananas for your smoothies. Thus, a food processor is a smoothie maker in disguise.

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