Is Ninja Blender worth it?

Is Ninja Blender worth it?

Do you know the best way to make a soup or puree from the comfort of your home? Using a blender is one!

Blenders come in all shapes and forms and can blend and ground ingredients, allowing you to make various dishes. They are a useful kitchen tool that can easily be found in a market or online.

It can be hard to choose which type of blender you want. There is so much variety and models nowadays that knowing which blender will be the most suitable for you can be hard. A known blender brand is Ninja. Ninja Blenders were developed by the American company SharkNinja Operating LLC.

Is Ninja Blender worth it? – This brand is known worldwide and proposes different types of blenders at various prices. Thanks to their numerous settings and their efficiency, Ninja blenders are known to be one of the best blenders worldwide.

If you are not convinced yet, then this article is made for you! Here, you will discover the benefits and use of Ninja blenders and the way to choose the proper one to fit your needs.

Benefits of Ninja Blender

Blenders can be found anywhere nowadays and it can sometimes be hard to know which one is worth the price or no. As such, to help you decide if Ninja Blenders are worth it, here is a list of advantages that you can have with them.¹

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Size variety

With Ninja Blenders, you will be able to have a large choice of containers of different sizes. These sizes include 40 ounces, 48 ounces, and 72 ounces.

You also can get single-size serving cups if you don’t want to produce something in big quantities. With this personal size, you can make a beverage to go that can be close with a lid.

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Quick blending

Ninja Blenders are high-powered and contain very sharp blades that can pulverize tough ingredients. Your food will be ready in a matter of minutes.

The quick blending features of this type of blender will allow you to gain a considerable amount of time while making food, allowing you to have more free time afterward.


This blender has multiple settings that can allow you to create various dishes. With one machine, you will have access to a food processor, a blender, and a juicer.

Investing in one Ninja Blender can help you have one machine instead of three, which is a gain of space and money.

Efficient blending

Ninja Blenders have a specific blade design that will ensure that any food cycle will be processed evenly and smoothly. Every chunk of food will be processed without any issue. Your drinks and other soups will be as smooth as possible with this gadget.

Easy cleaning process

With this type of blender, most of the parts can come apart easily and be washed in the dishwasher. For the parts that don’t go in one, a quick hand wash will be needed to ensure that everything is clean and ready for new use.

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How to use a Ninja Blender

As said before, the brand Ninja offers numerous blenders with different shapes, sizes, and purposes. However, their way of working is mainly the same. As such, if you have a Ninja Blender, no matter the type, you can take the following instructions to set it up.²

Assemble the blender

As for any type of blender, you will need to assemble this model before using it. In the Ninja brand, you will most likely use either a pitcher or a single-serve cup.

  • Single-serve cup: Align the extractor blades on the cup with the opening. Then, screw them on tight. From there, the cup should be entirely sealed and you can start using your blender.
  • Pitcher: Inside the pitcher, place the stacked blade assembly on the gear and rest the pitcher on the motor base. Make sure that one of the pitcher’s corners is directly on top of the Ninja logo on the base. In a clockwise direction, rotates the pitcher until you hear a distinctive click.

Plug the blender

Once you’ve done assembling the blender, it’s time to plug the motor base. Without it, the blender wouldn’t get the necessary energy to function. Find the nearest power outlet and plug the motor in.

Add the ingredients

Everything is set up, regarding the elements of the blender. The next step is to add the ingredients inside. There is an infinite amount of recipes and dishes that one can make through the use of a blender.

As such, feel free to use different ingredients to change the savor and discover new products. However, make sure to not overfill your container.

Whether it’s a single-serve cup or a pitcher, there will always be a line stating “fill to here”. This line determines a limit to ensure a smooth and efficient blend of the ingredients.

Close the lid

After all the ingredients have been added, it is now time to close the lid. The method differs depending on the type of container you have.

  • Single-serve cup: Fill the cup and twist-lock it on the blades. Then, turn carefully the cup upside down to finally lock it on the motor base.

The blender will not work unless the cup is perfectly locked. To ensure that it’s the case, screw on the cup clockwise until you hear a click.

  • Pitcher : On top of the lid, press the release button. From there, place the lid on the pitcher and lock it into place. To ensure that everything is good, make sure that the white arrow on the handle of the pitcher and the white arrow on the lid are aligned.

Choose the setting

Determine the setting for the blending. Some Ninja models will have several options but there are basic ones that every model has.

  • The pulse: This option will be useful when you need maximum speed for a short amount of time. It is particularly efficient when you want to break large chunks of food or ice.
  • Speed: Ninja Blenders have three different speed settings; low, medium, and high, that will allow you to blend various types of ingredients. Low and medium are generally for veggies and fresh fruits with a bit of liquid, while high speed is used for iced foods and ice in general.
  • Auto-IQ Crush: This feature can be found for a newer model of Ninja Blenders. It enhances the rushing power, allowing you to pulverize very hard food.

Clean your blender

Your drink is blended and smooth, the only thing left to do is pour it. A really important step is also to clean your blender entirely to avoid any stuck chunks. A clean blender will be of use to you for a longer time.

How to choose the best Ninja Blender?

Now, there are many different types of Ninja Blenders on the market. The one that will be the most suitable for you depends first on your taste and preferences. However, there are certain features that you will want to check as well.³

  • Pitcher size: The key is to know how much food you will make with a blender. A bigger container will come with a bigger engine as well, which means that it can take a lot of space.

Additionally, the bigger the machine will be, the more expensive the price will get. When choosing a blender, be aware of the amount of food that you are ready to make with it. If it’s too small or too big, you will not be satisfied with your product.

  • Motor power: The higher the wattage will be, the faster the motor will work while producing more consistent results.

A Ninja Blender of 600 to 900 watts is perfect for protein shakes or smoothies. For heavier tasks such as chopping vegetables or blending frozen ingredients, it is recommended to choose a blender of 1100 watts.

  • Price: Most of the time, the higher the price, the more efficient the Ninja Blender will be. Additionally, with a higher price come many different features that will allow you to create a consequent variety of dishes.

You can find a single-serve Ninja Blender starting from $50. Other than that, lf you’re looking for an affordable price for a blender with a big container, some Ninja Blenders can cost from $80 to $120. They will be slower than the most expensive ones but efficient nonetheless.

Ninja Blenders present multiple advantages. They are pretty efficient blenders that also have juicing and food processing features. They can go to high speed and properly pulverize various types of ingredients thanks to sharp blades and a powerful motor.

They are pretty easy to use and have multiple models with a large choice of price, ensuring that you find one that will be appealing to your taste and preferences.

With all these factors in hand, it seems that investing in a Ninja Blender is worth it. You can choose from different variety of containers, more or less big, with various prices with the cheapest blender starting at $50.

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