How to Make Slushies With A Blender (Step-by-Step)

How to Make Slushies With A Blender (Step-by-Step)

Have you ever been to a fair when you were little? You know, this little place where commercial activities and entertainment are gathered, that generally takes place during summer?

Going to a fair is an amazing activity to spend some time with your family. Over there you can find amusement rides, as well as merchandise and food vending stalls.

One of the memories that I have of any fair experiences were the blazing sun and the urge to get something cold to drink. Most of the time, the favorite drink for that type of place was slushies.

Generally, cheap and coming in various colors, this drink is a good way to quench your thirst on a sunny day. If you don’t have time to go to a fair and want this cold drink, then fear not! It is entirely possible to make it at home.

How to make slushies with a blender? – Well, it’s pretty simple. With just a blender combined with a few ingredients, and depending on the flavor you want, you will be able to create a perfect slushy ready-to-drink!

If you are interested in making your own slushies, then this article is made for you!

What is a slushy?

A slushy is a frozen beverage that is made with a type of drink (generally soda) and flavored ice. It can be non-carbonated or carbonated depending on your preferences.

This beverage was invented by Omar Knedlik in the late 1950s, when, one day, because his machines were not working, he decided to put his side into the freezer.

The next day when he took out the soda, the mixture that he found was the slushies. From there, he decided to sell these products that became popular pretty soon.

Later, in 1960, Knedlik partnered with John Mitchell to mass-produce the slushies. Nowadays, it is a popular cold beverage that one can find in some supermarkets but mostly in fairs.

How to make slushies with a blender?

Making slushies with a blender is pretty easy. To complete the totality of the steps, you will only need 5 to 10 minutes.

For this first recipe, we will be explaining how to make slushies while using soda with a blender. Recipes can also be found on YouTube if you’re more of a visual person.

The following ingredients will be needed to complete the full recipe :

  • 1 plate of ice cubes
  • 3 cups of soda
  • 2 cherries (optional)
  • Sugar (optional)
make slushies with a blender

1. Preparation beforehand

Pour 3 cups of soda into a dish that isn’t too deep. After that, put the dish in the freezer for 4 to 5 hours. This time should be enough for the soda to freeze. If it’s not the case, let the soda in the freezer longer until it is completely frozen.

2. Add the ingredients in the blender

Put your blender in place and pour the frozen soda into it. Then, add a plate of ice cubes to the mixture. To have a sweeter drink, don’t hesitate to add a little bit of sugar.

the ingredients in the blender

3. Blend everything

Blend every ingredient together by setting your blender on high power. Keep blending until you’re satisfied with the texture of your drink. The best slushy will have a super smooth frozen texture.

4. Decoration if needed

You can pour your slushy into a glass and decorate it with 2 cherries, to add a little flavor to it. If you want a thicker texture, you simply need to add more ice cubes to the mixture.

5. Drink up!

Time to drink your slushy! It is recommended to drink it as soon as you’re done with the preparations to have the best experience in terms of texture, regarding your drink.

fruits and the ingredients in the blender

Other slushies variation

Now that you know how to make a slushy with a blender, it’s time to vary your recipes! If you’re not a fan of soda, don’t worry: you can also make slushies with fruits and even Kool-Aid.

There are tons of different recipes to create slushies. We decided to provide you with two more of them here.

Slushy with fruits

Here is the list of ingredients that you will need to perform this recipe :

  • 1 cup of ice
  • 2 cups of chopped fresh fruits (according to your liking)
  • Water (either carbonated or still)
  • Mint (optional)

1. Take care of the fruits

Wash and peel the fruits that you want to use for this slushy. Be sure to cut them into small pieces in order to facilitate the blend.

You can put any fruit that you want according to your taste. You can even mix two different fruits to have a stronger flavor. Make sure to have at least two cups of fruits after chopping them.

2. Add ingredients in the blender

Put the chopped fruits and cup of ice in the blender, then, mix them up! After everything is mixed, it’s time to add the water, either sparkling or still, depending on what you like.

It will be better if the water is cold, to ensure maximum freshness. If you want to add a personal touch, sprinkle some mint leaves on top!

3. Blend everything

Blend all the ingredients at high speed until each piece of fruit is blended and the ice is entirely crushed. From there, you can add more water or more ice cube, depending on the type of texture that you want.

4. Ready?

You’re fruit slushy is ready to be served. Pour it into a glass and enjoy it!

Slushy with Kool-Aid

The ingredients for the Kool-Aid slushy are the following :

  • 1 Kool-Aid packet
  • 2 cups of cold water
  • Half a cup of sugar
  • 4 cups of ice cubes

1. Add the ingredients

Put all the ingredients previously cited in your blender.

2. Mix everything

Mix them on a high setting until you are satisfied with the texture and the ice cubes are turned into slush.

3. Time to serve!

Pour the liquid and serve it. You’re ready to enjoy your Kool-Aid slushy!

With all these recipes you are ready to enjoy various kinds of slushies in the comfort of your own home.

Making slushies by using a blender is pretty easy. With time, you will be able to create your recipe and add pretty much any ingredient that you want. Everything depends on your taste.

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