Do Ovens Turn Off Automatically?

Do Ovens Turn Off Automatically?

If you’re worried about forgetting to shut off your oven, you may wonder if it shuts off automatically.

When considering an electric stove, the answer is that most electric ovens produced after 1995 will have an automatic turn-off. You can find out by looking at your oven to verify if it has a clock that is a touchpad.

If your oven has a touchpad clock, then it also has a shut-off switch that is automatic, and the oven will turn itself off after being on for 12 hours.

Most models produced prior to 1995, do not feature this built-in automatic safety switch. You can also refer to your oven’s manufacturer to verify if your particular model has this built-in feature.

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Installation of an Automatic Oven Shut Off Device

If your oven doesn’t feature an automatic shut-off, you can install one. These devices are relatively inexpensive and pretty easy to install.

Installation of an Automatic Oven Shut Off Device

Some Benefits

There is quite a bit of convenience to installing these devices on your oven:

  • Many will connect directly to your home Wi-Fi and permit you to manage the device from an account online.
  • Some will feature a feature to lock out use during specific hours during the day. This lock can also be disabled if not necessary.
  • Some devices offer a child lock feature.
  • The device can be programmed to turn off the oven after five to fifteen minutes if motion is not detected.
  • The automatic turn-off feature can be overridden when not desired.
  • Caution alerts can be received by email or by text if something unusual is taking place with your oven.
  • Many will feature emergency shut-off switches or buttons.
  • Some will also furnish a user history report if you are considering installing a device for a senior or person that may be experiencing cognitive difficulties.
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A Final Word

These automatic switch-off devices are truly safety devices for the home as they can prevent potentially devastating damage. While most will assume they are specifically for electric ranges, a version also exists for those who have gas stoves.

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