5 Best Bread Lame & Bread Scorer 2022 (Buyer’s Guide)

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You put so much effort into baking a bread-like kneading, folding, shaping, proofing, and still if it looks weird having uncontrollable tips… it would certainly be heartbreaking.

Scoring or slashing is although the last step before you bake your bread. A bread lame can be helpful for this task.

SAINT GERMAIN Premium Hand Crafted Bread Lame for Dough Scoring Knife, Lame Bread Tool for Sourdough Bread Slashing with 6 Blades Included with Replacement with Authentic Leather Protector Cover
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Saint Germain Premium Hand Crafted Bread Lame
  • Handcrafted wooden handle.
  • Dimensions of the bread lame are 7.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches.
  • Stainless steel stick.
  • 6 replaceable blades.
  • An authentic handcrafted protective case.

Still, it is very essential to prompt the oven’s intense heat for expanding the dough in a proper direction instead of a weak spot break during the final burst of fermentation.

What is Bread Lame?

A bread lame is an instrument containing a sharp blade attached to a long stick or handle and is used to slash the top layer of the dough just before you put your bread in the oven to bake.

The process is also known as scoring or docking, as it allows moisture to escape from the loaf and let the dough properly expand in the desired direction without tearing the crust.

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Types of Bread Lame

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There are basically two types of bread lames which are as below:

  1. Scalpel Style Blade – These types of bread lames are better for rapid cuts in straight lines or little curves in the dough. Scalpel style blades are available in two styles… disposable that comes with a fixed blade, and replaceable that comes with a retractable blade.
  2. Razor Blade – Razor blades are good for professional use and are sharp blade lames that are great for deeper cuts. These bread lames also come in disposable and replaceable style. You can also switch around the blade to use all the corners of the blade before replacing it with a new one.

Some bread lames hold the blade straight, and some hold the blade in a curved style. And few bread lames offer the dual option to let the baker straighten the blade or curve it as per the requirement.

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Benefits of Bread Lame

Cuts by a bread lame

Using a bread lame for slashing offers huge benefits, which are as below:

  • Bread lame controls the direction of bread expansion while baking.
  • You can create creative and artistic patterns to decorate your bread loaf, allowing a unique signature.
  • The tool makes the stressful and clumsy scoring and slashing more easy and rapid.
  • Bread lame releases the gas and moisture trapped inside the dough and let the bread bloom beautifully.
  • It avoids random tearing from weak spots and avoids loaf skin burst and helps in even baking.
  • For Baguettes and crusty loafs, the splitting of the outer skin with the curved bread lame offers rich flavors.

Features to Look for while buying a Bread lame

Cutting dough with a bread lame

There are a few considerations that would make your choice easy while buying a bread lame which is as follows:

1. Material – Bread lames are usually available in a variety of materials, including wooden, plastic, and stainless steel construction. Stainless steel and wooden material are good for long term usage and are of good quality, whereas plastic sticks are good if your usage is not regular.

2. Curved and Straight Blade – As the bread lame’s most important part is the blade… you have to pay attention to the blade while buying a lame. If you want creative patterns and not so deep cuts, prefer straight blades and if you prefer deep cuts and smooth action while scoring, choose curved blades. Also, some bread lames offer flexibility to change your blade from straight to curved or vice versa.

3. Size – Bread lames are available in different shapes and sizes, so choose the one that is comfortable to hold and use else you would need a lot of practice holding the smaller or larger size if it doesn’t fit your palm. Some bread lames offer a thin stick while others offer a thick and durable wooden stick… you can select as per your comfort level.

4. Type of lame – Bread lames are of two types as we have already discussed… a razor blade is good for regular usage and is very easy to maintain, and you can replace them whenever you want. Scalpel blades offer high durability but are expensive and tough to replace.

5. Safety – Lames uses a sharp blade or razor, and safety is an important aspect, especially if you have children at your home. Some of the bread lames offer a protective case or cover that helps you store the tool with other utensils without any worry. So, prefer to choose a bread lame that comes with a protective case.

Our 5 Best Bread Lames & Bread Scorer

1. Saint Germain Premium Hand Crafted Bread Lame

Saint Germain offers premium quality bread lames and other products made in Vietnam since 2012. The handcrafted bread lame comes with a wooden handle with a comfortable round grip and a stainless steel stick to hold replaceable blades.

The bread lame comes with 6 replaceable blades, which can also be replaced with a normal razor blade. The firm also provides a handcrafted leather protective case for storing the bread lame, which offers extra security when the tool is not in use. The curved blade lets you do the deep slashing or is great for double slash for Batard and Baguettes.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted wooden handle.
  • Dimensions of the bread lame are 7.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches.
  • Stainless steel stick.
  • 6 replaceable blades.
  • An authentic handcrafted protective case.
  • Comfortable grip with wooden handle.
  • The bread lame is elegant and offers effortless use.
  • Easy to use and change the blade.
  • Built with good quality material to last long.
  • The curved blade is good for deep slashing.
  • The leather pouch prevents any accidental damage to the blade edges.
  • The blade stays firmly in place and allows us to make smooth cuts.
  • When you pull the sheath off, the blade comes loose easily.
  • The curve of the blade makes it a little hard to align where the slice will go during slashing.

2. Bread Bakers Lame Slashing Tool

Bextcok bread lame is a beautifully designed tool that comes with a wooden handle offering a firm and comfortable grip, stainless steel stick that holds curved razor blades, and a pack of 10 blades included. The premium quality design offers durability and high performance.

The sharp blades with curved fitting are great for artisan bread, and baguette makers as the blade won’t slip and wobble. Your deep cuts will remain clean and smooth. The bread lame comes with a protective leather blade cover to hold the sharp blades and prevent any damage.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted wooden bread lame.
  • The dimensions of the product are 9.8 x 4.3 x 1.3 inches.
  • 10 blades included in the pack.
  • Leather protective case for the blades.
  • Durable and strong stainless steel stick fitted.
  • Great to use for beginners as well as professionals.
  • Effortless scoring for boules, batards, and baguettes, etc.
  • The blade doesn’t wobble or slip.
  • Easy to replace blades when your blade becomes blunt.
  • Plastic storage box available for separate storing.
  • The handle is comfortable to hold.
  • Very easy to make smooth slashes.
  • Helps you to create a great “ear” or raised part of the dough.
  • Not good for soft doughs.
  • You will not be able to create artistic patterns with the curved blade.
  • The leather pouch is small and gets cuts with the sharp blade.

3. Black Walnut Bread Lame

Black Walnut bread lame is a uniquely designed tool made in the USA. The lame offers a wooden handle with knurled brass thumb nuts and screws. The tool offers a custom design that is handcrafted one at a time featuring high quality and durability.

Zatoba lame is a replaceable bread lame that comes with 5 double edge razors. The straight blade allows you to slash some beautiful and inventive patterns in the dough. The French style knife is great for scoring that allows rapid dough expansion offering a crisp, aromatic crust on the top with nice fluffy bread.

Key Features:

  • Wooden handcrafted bread lame with Knurled brass.
  • Dimensions of the lame are 7.5 x 0.5 x 1 inches.
  • The lame comes with 5 razor blades.
  • Custom design with elegant looks.
  • Walnut cut and hand polished lame.
  • It comes with a storage box.
  • Uniquely crafted design with a comfortable grip.
  • Thumb nuts make the blade replacement easy and quick.
  • Sturdy and elegant lame.
  • The blades are quite sharp.
  • Engineered to be well balanced in hand for scoring.
  • Great to gift a professional baker.
  • Versatile slashing pattern creation.
  • No protective cover for the blade.
  • Brass knobs tend to stick out when you try to score at an angle.
  • A straight blade would not get it to cut deep into the dough.
  • The nuts catch on the bread when you slash it.

4. YMHB Premium Hand Crafted Bread Lame

A great curved bread lame by YMHB that is manufactured with a premium quality handcrafted wooden handle and a stainless steel stick with a curved tip to attach the replaceable blades for a smooth and rapid slashing. The lame creates a nice lip opening of the crust during baking when scored at a 30-degree angle.

The bread lame allows you to slice with a smooth action quickly and you can turn the four edges of the blade before you replace them with a new blade. It comes with 5 blades and a protective leather cover for safety. You can dip the bread lame in a glass of water to moisturize it… as it will help you to get a clean and easy cut.

Key Features:

  • Wooden handcrafted handle.
  • The dimensions of the bread lame are 7.64 x 1.34 x 1.26 inches.
  • Stainless steel stick with a curved tip.
  • 5 replaceable blades.
  • Protective Leather cover for blade.
  • Great to make clean slashes on the bread dough.
  • Sharp blades that you can use on all four corners.
  • The leather case ensures safety by covering the active blades when not in use.
  • Comfortable grip for the handle.
  • Gives nice crispy “ears” for the crust.
  • Allows great scoring on sourdough bread.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • The instructions to assemble the razor blade to handle are not very clear.
  • The cuts are deep, and the curved blade would not be great for designing patterns.

5. Baker of Seville Bread Lame

If you are searching for a high-quality bread lame made using good material and the blades firmly staying without any slips… Baker of Seville offers a great choice. The bread lame uses solid stainless steel and is built just similar to a surgical tool to offer high precision and durability.

The bread lame features flexibility that allows you to decide to keep your lame curved or straight blade lame… which, of course, you will not get in many of the bread lames. So, you can enjoy both shallow and deep cuts and also create versatile patterns and give your bread dough the beautiful appeal that you desire.

You can easily rotate the blade to use the other corners of the blade before you replace them. The bread lame also comes with a protective storage box that allows you to keep it safe when not in use. The lame provides you exact slashing required in artisan bread scoring.

Key Features:

  • Food Grade 430 stainless steel bread lame.
  • The dimensions of the bread lame are 8 x 2 x 1 inch.
  • Leverage curved or straight bread lame option.
  • Quick replacement with a simple thumbscrew.
  • Protective storage case.
  • Blades remain secure and firm in place.
  • Stainless steel offers durability.
  • Durable and safe to keep in the storage box.
  • The bread lame is dishwasher safe.
  • Curved or straight blade lame configuration available.
  • Offers précised and rapid clean cuts.
  • The bread lame has a sleeve style styling lid.
  • Evenly weighted feel in hand and effortless to pull through the dough.
  • No protective case for the blades.
  • The screw and the nut you turn using hand begin rusting soon.

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Bread Lame


Bread lame proves to be a great instrument for making beautiful bread with decorative patterns and brings out the hidden creativity or artistic talent of a baker.

Change your bread lame blades whenever it loses its sharpness. To ensure the best out of your dough, make sure you choose the right tool and make the cuts in the required depth.

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