5 Best Bread Proofing Basket 2022 (Buyer’s Guide)

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One essential skill that people have polished in recent times is baking.

From the older generation to youngsters, everybody has been baking all over social media. All the sweet-tooths look forward to digging into all the delectable baked items from soft cookies to muffins, cupcakes, or even fresh loaves of bread.

top pick
Asonway Bread Proofing Basket
  • Spiral design bread.
  • The dough doesn’t get stuck much on the basket.
  • Follows the German Food Safety measures

If you’re looking for ways to showcase some of your baking expertise, there are some basic baking equipment that you might need to make your work perfect.

Let’s start with one of the simplest ones… bread proofing basket. For all the baking connoisseurs and bread lovers who prefer to bake fresh and soft bread at home, here, we will be discussing bread proofing baskets, an amazing baking equipment, which is commonly known as the bannetons.

Let’s know all the details and make your purchase easy and most suitable.

What is a Bread Proofing Basket?

A Bread Proofing Basket

These baskets are generally made from coiled rattan, cane, or other wood fibers and come in different shapes and sizes to give the desired shape to a bread loaf. Usually, the baskets have inner liners, and you may or may not use them depending on whether you want a smooth texture or a patterned one.

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Types of Bread Proofing Basket

Though you will mostly find proofing baskets made of the cane, a few other types are available in the market, which are:

  • Cane Wicker Baskets – The most popular choice for these proofing baskets is that it’s made of canes, and I feel they give the best result. They allow air circulation, which lets the dough breathe and gives many beautiful patterns to the bread.
  • Wood Pulp Baskets – These are mostly made in Germany from local spruce trees and are widely popular in Europe. The biggest advantage of these baskets is that the flour dough does not stick much in it.
  • Plastic Banneton – These plastic baskets are also available… but I’ll strongly disagree with using them for baking purposes as it restricts air circulation, and the dough does not rise properly. However, cleaning it is easier.

Benefits of Using Bread Proofing Baskets

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Let’s just say proofing your dough with a banneton will mark it as a baking expert’s work.

  • First of all, it helps the dough take a nice shape while leaving it for proofing.
  • The cane or the basket’s wooden material absorbs the moisture out from the dough to some extent. Hence, it will not stick to your hands much afterward.
  • The basket allows air circulation for the delicate dough.
  • And lastly, its inside designs can create beautiful patterns on your bread loaves.

Now let’s dive into the pool of some of the best bread proofing baskets.

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How To Choose A Bread Proofing Basket? – Buyer’s Guide

A Empty Bread Proofing Basket

The three key things that you should check before you make a purchase decision are the shape, size, and material of the banneton.

1. Shape There are too many variations available in the shape of bread proofing baskets. You can get anything you want, like oval, circular, rectangular, triangular, or even a long boat-like structure.

Choose the baskets depending on what kind of shape you want to give to your bread.

2. Size Obviously, size matters! Otherwise, if the basket becomes smaller compared to your dough, it will get overflowed while expanding. The most common size for bannetons is 8 or 9 or 10 inches of round baskets. An 8 inch basket can approximately hold 500 grams or 1 pound of dough whereas, 10 inch basket can hold 1 kg or 2 pounds of dough approximately.

Be careful while choosing the size, and when in confusion, always go for the bigger size.

3. Material As you have already seen the different materials of proofing baskets, so you know that canes are the most popular ones. They have the highest longevity, and they can create prominent beautiful designs on the dough.

And the most unlikely ones are the plastic baskets, as they do not allow any air circulation. But they are good for cleaning due to less sticking.

The wood pulp baskets are also good for cleaning as they are less prone to sticking like the plastic ones.

Though it is completely your choice… still make a wise decision with the material to impact your bread quality.

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Our Top 5 Best Bread Proofing Baskets

Best for Beginners: Asonway Bread Proofing Basket

What We Liked
  • Spiral design bread.
  • The dough doesn’t get stuck much on the basket.
  • Follows the German Food Safety measures.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Has fewer accessories.

Made from natural rattan cane material, this banneton from Asonway can be a great choice for any baker. This is a 9-inch basket that eliminates excess moisture from the dough, which will create a crispy round crust later after being baked.

Not only one single basket, but you will get a pair of 9-inch circular bread proofing baskets along with a dough scraper and a washable linen cloth.

Each of these baskets can hold 1 kg dough. You can put the linen cloth in the basket before keeping the dough in it, in case you want a smooth texture instead of a patterned one. The best thing about this basket is that it follows the German food safety measures, making baking bread safe and healthy.

Even if you are a beginner, you can use the Asonway bread proofing baskets to make some healthy artisan loaves of bread.

Popular Choice: Kook Proofing Set

What We Like
  • The liners are made up of thick materials.
  • Made up of high-quality wood.
  • Easy to handle.
  • All the instruments are handcrafted.
  • Free of wooden splinters.
  • The baskets are easy to clean and dry.
What We Don’t Like
  • Not efficient at making designs on the dough.

If you are buying this set, then you will get not only one but two proofing baskets along with a whole kit of baking instruments.

The baskets are available in two different shapes – round and oval, and all of them have the same size, i.e., 9 inches. You can put approximately 2 pounds of dough into each of these baskets and make some healthy and tasty sourdough.

The baking kit contains two banneton baskets, two linen cloths, one metal scraper along with a cover, one scoring lame along with a cover, and four spare blades for the lame.

These handcrafted baskets are made up of natural materials like the rattan cane, and the handles of the scraper and the scoring lame are made up of natural beech wood.

Most Reliable Choice: Bread Proofing Basket from Bread Bosses Store

What We Like
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Has a recipe book.
  • It has a natural anti-bacterial feature.
  • Comes with a spiral ring pattern.
  • Non Sticky.
What We Don’t Like
  • Not completely splinter and odor-free.

Bread Bosses is a community of bakers from all around the world who pour their life long experience into use to provide you with the best baking equipment. Hence undoubtedly, you can trust this product to make some of your best sourdoughs.

These round proofing baskets are available in two different sizes – 9 inches and 10 inches in diameter, which you can use for 1.5 pounds and 2 pounds of dough, respectively… but the height of both remains the same at 3.5 inches.

Along with the basket, the package also includes a semi-flexible scraper. You can choose the color – both white and orange are available, a washable linen cover, a user manual, and a recipe book for the starters, which you will receive in your email.

The company guarantees a smooth, splinter-free, odor-free, mold-free proofing basket made from a high-quality natural rattan cane.

These are made following the German Food Safety Standards to ensure the best quality.

Best for Dual Baskets: TNELTUEB Proofing Kit

What We Like
  • Durable and water-resistant.
  • Variety in design.
  • It comes with handy scrapers.
  • Its moisture-wicking effect makes bread crispy.
What We Don’t Like
  • The surfaces are not splinter-free.
  • Poor design.

The best thing about this bread proofing kit is the availability of two baskets in two different shapes. In this set, you will get both a round-shaped and an oval-shaped basket. If you want to try something different from the common circular baskets, you can go for this one. As, along with the regular round one, you will get the not-so-regular oval one.

The oval basket has a diameter of 9.6 inches, whereas the round one has a whole 10 inches of diameter. Both of them can hold around 2 pounds of dough.

It’s a proofing kit because it contains all the equipment you require for successfully baking a sourdough, i.e., one oval banneton, one round banneton, two washable elasticated linen covers of two different sizes, a dough scraper for cutting small pieces of the dough or for transferring it, a bread lame for making easy patterns on the bread surface, a blade cover, and five spare blades for the lame. One of the best features of this set is its moisture-wicking effect, which allows you to make soft bread with a crispy crust.

Made from natural rattan, these baskets have a smooth non-stick surface with spiral designs, which creates designs on the doughs’ surface.

Pokect-Friendly Choice: TTmagic Bread Proofing Set

What We Like
  • Smooth texture.
  • Comes with a metal scraper.
  • Free from any dye or chemicals.
  • Comes with storage instructions.
  • Perfect for a homemade sourdough.
What We Don’t Like
  • Not entirely odor-free.

The last one on the list is another such proofing basket and other baking equipment just like we have seen so far.

This rattan-made proofing basket has a diameter of 10 inches, which is suitable for over 2 pounds of dough.

These baskets are handmade, and they flaunt exquisite craftsmanship through their smooth surface, without the presence of any wood chips. The baskets are water-resistant so that the wooden material does not get rotten when washed.

The box comes with a banneton, a washable linen liner, a scraper made up of stainless steel, and a dough lame with five extra blades.

All these instruments have been manufactured following the FDA’s standards.



Bread proofing baskets seem to be a useful item when it comes to baking.

Make sure you choose the right size for your dough, and it can give you some nicely designed loaves of bread. The scrapers and the bread lames available with these baskets are equally handy.

One of the most important things while buying a proofing set is that it must be free from chemicals or dyes and must follow the German food safety standards as it is always important to make food that is safe and healthy.

These bread proofing kits can be a nice gift for any friend or family member who is into baking or is trying their hands at baking for the first time.

The Kook Proofing Set will be a great option to include one of these in your gift shopping list for your bread baking sessions. It has great liners that are made up of thick materials and high-quality wood.

This proofing set is simply easy to handle and is efficient for beginners as well. The best thing about this set is that all the instruments are handcrafted. They are safe to use, and the issues with wooden splinters are minimal.

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