10 Best Kitchen Faucet Brands (2022)

A kitchen is the heart and soul of your house.

The item that you interact with the most in your kitchen is the kitchen faucet. Any job, starting from preparing your food to cleaning your plates after eating, requires the help of the kitchen faucet. Given that the faucet is so important, many people like for it to be the standout item in their kitchen.

Choosing a good kitchen faucet depends on multiple factors. Currently, many kitchen faucet brands offer a wide range of kitchen faucets. But which company can you trust? Will their product be durable and last for a long time?

We have compiled a list of the Best Kitchen Faucet Brands. While compiling this list, we have considered the style, design, and quality of their products.

But looks aren’t everything, that’s why we have also considered other factors such as price, technology, reliability, and durability offered by the faucets from these brands. Moreover, we cover all types of brands, from the luxurious ones to the more affordable ones.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Kohler

“Synonymous with luxury, Kohler has been the industry leader for quite some time when it comes to kitchen faucets. They continue to imbibe new technology in their products.”

Best Overall Runner-up: Moen

“Known for reliable products, Moen kitchen faucets are also very beautiful to look at. If you are looking for technologically advanced faucets, you should definitely consider Moen faucets.”

Best Luxurious: Delta

Yet another luxurious brand, Delta produces quality kitchen faucets. They were one of the first pioneers of single-handle faucets.”

Best Budget: Kraus

“Popular in many households, Kraus makes some of the most affordable kitchen faucets. Their faucets are aesthetic, and you can definitely find the perfect faucet to complement your kitchen.”

Best Installation: Pfister

“If you are looking for an easy-to-install kitchen faucet, Pfister might just be the brand for you. In the business for more than a century, Pfister produces high-quality kitchen faucets.”

Best for Commercial Style Faucets: Elkay

“Elkay is very popular as their kitchen faucets are affordable and well-designed. Moreover, their excellent customer service will surely take care of all your faucet-related needs.”

Best Durable: Grohe

“This German company is at the forefront when it comes to using technology in kitchen faucets. They also place a lot of emphasis on environmental sustainability.”

Best Technology: Hansgrohe

“Hansgrohe continues to innovate when it comes to kitchen faucets. Their products are durable, and they have a great customer support provision.”

Best Craftsmanship: Rohl

“If you are looking for quality, Italian crafted kitchen faucets, Rohl is the company to look at. Their kitchen faucets are well designed and have a hint of sophistication to them.”

Best for Accessories: Vigo

“Vigo has made a name for itself with well-designed and durable kitchen faucets. They also sell many accessories to compliment your kitchen faucet.”

Our 10 Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

Kitchen faucet brands comparison table:

Sl. No.BrandCountry of OriginYear of FoundingUnique Features (in most models)
1KohlerAmerica1873Durable, Magnetic Docking System, Touchless, Stainless Steel finish
2MoenAmerica1956Reliable, MotionSense Technology, Touchless
3DeltaAmerica1954Touch2O, MagnaTite, H2Okinetic Technology, Docking feature
4KrausAmerica2007Affordable, Aerated Streamflow, 360-degree swivel
5PfisterAmerica1910Affordable, Spot-resistant finish, Easy installation
6ElkayAmerica1920Forward only handle, Quick Connect hose, Two-tone finish
7GroheGermany1936Reliable, Blue and Redwater system, Sense water security system
8HansgroheGermany1901Traditional design, Reliable, Durable
9RohlItaly1983Sophisticated design, Valve/Stem combination, Italian craftsmanship
10VigoAmerica2009Durable, Many accessories, Functional

1. Best Overall: Kohler

If we talk about the kitchen and bath business, one of the first names to come to mind is Kohler. Established in 1893, this company prides itself on luxurious and functional products. They also have a strong view on sustainability and stewardship. Available in all six continents, customers prefer Kohler because of its impressive customer service.

The Kohler Malleco is one of the best faucets currently being sold by Kohler. You get a smooth spray head control in a glorious stainless steel finish. Their other products also share similar design traits to the Kohler Malleco.

The company is known for its durable finish and magnetic docking system. Moreover, they also offer touchless faucets, which are yet to be adapted well by the competition. Indeed, if you are looking for top-of-the-line kitchen faucets, look no further than Kohler.

2. Best Overall Runner-up: Moen

Founded in North America, Moen has made a name for itself as one of the most reliable kitchen faucet brands. Apart from being reliable, their faucets also feature amazing design traits and features. The company also provides excellent customer service and care policy.

One of the most popular ranges of Moen faucets is the Sip faucet line. These faucets provide cold, filtered water from the kitchen faucet itself. As a result, you don’t have to purchase separate filter jugs or water purifiers. They recently introduced the MotionSense Technology, which allows you to interact with the faucet without touching it.

If you are in pursuit of a modern, classic, and elegant kitchen faucet, do take a look at the faucets offered by Moen.

3. Best Luxurious: Delta

Another company based in America is Delta. Known for its elegant and high-performance faucets, this company is known for including several innovative technologies in its products.

The Delta Leland is one of the best faucets made by Delta. This faucet features technologies like Touch2O and MagnaTite. Additionally, it also features Docking and the H2Okinetic technology. In fact, you can turn on your faucet by just tapping it with your elbow. These design elements are seen in the other faucets from the brand as well.

Delta aims to transform the lives of people by bringing magic and innovation to its products. They have also received many accolades, which just shows how impressive Delta is as a company.

4. Best Budget: Kraus

Kraus is one of the most well-known kitchen faucet brands. Based in the USA, this relatively new company has taken the kitchen and bath business by storm. The company strives for quality, creativity, and beautiful design in all its products. Moreover, they also have impeccable customer service provision.

Kraus has made a name for itself as the brand for the people. Not only are their products affordable, but they also feature impressive technology and design elements. For example, their faucets feature technologies such as the aerated stream flow and 360-degree swivel.

What’s more, their faucets are very easy to install, and you don’t need any additional help for the same. Apart from kitchen faucets, you can also look at their other kitchen and bathroom collection and accessories.

5. Best installation: Pfister

Another company that is very popular amongst customers is Pfister. Having been in the bathroom and kitchen fixtures industry for over a decade, Pfister provides well-designed products. Over time, they have built a reputation for having one of the best customer service provisions.

Pfister was one of the first companies to market some of the most popular innovations seen in kitchen faucets. Their faucets have spot-resistant finishes, which gives them a brand new look all the time. Moreover, they also filter out contaminants while also maintaining wonderful designs.

Installing Pfister kitchen faucets are very easy. They also have installation videos on their website to make sure you don’t get anything wrong. Pfister is one of the best companies to consider if you are in the market for a kitchen faucet.

6. Best for Commercial Style Faucets: Elkay

Elkay is another company that has been around for a long time. Based in the USA, this family-owned business has been in the plumbing system for more than 100 years. The company’s faucets find a fine balance between style and durability.

The new faucets from this brand come in a two-tone finish. Moreover, you also get forward-only handles which ensures that you don’t have any backsplash. The faucets also feature a Quick Connect hose setting which can snap together without the help of any tools.

Elkay ensures that their designs are upgraded from time to time to meet the requirements of the customers. So if you search for a budget kitchen faucet, Elkay is one of the best brands to consider.

7. Best Durable: Grohe

Grohe is a German brand that is known for technology, quality, design, and sustainability. Grohe has been the industry leader in bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings for quite a while now.

Grohe provides various innovative technologies in their kitchen faucets. Equipped with a mark of German craftsmanship, these faucets are reliable and durable. Their Blue and Red Water system and the Sense water security system are available in most of their smart home devices. Also, you get their trademark powerful flow and good build quality with all of their faucets.

The company has won a lot of design and innovation awards. However, one area where the company really stands out is in the field of sustainability. The company has won Germany’s CSR prize. It has even featured in Fortune magazine’s ranking of Top 50 companies ‘Changing the World’.

8. Best Technology: Hansgrohe

Yet another German brand on our list is Hansgrohe. Known for its quality products, Hansgrohe kitchen faucets are very popular worldwide and have great customer feedback.

The kitchen faucets from Hansgrohe have very impressive durability and reliability. The company continuously strives to innovate. As a result, their minimalist-designed faucets are highly functional. Some of the costlier models from the brand can also be used as a pull-out spout or hand spray.

One element that the company hasn’t changed in quite a while is its traditional faucet design. If you are a fan of how faucets looked back in the old days, you will definitely love what Hansgrohe has to offer.

9. Best Craftsmanship: Rohl

Rohl is a sub-brand of the Italian company, House of Rohl. This company is well known for its fine Italian craftsmanship and sophisticated design.

One of the most popular faucet collections in their lineup is the Campo series. Handmade by Italian craftsmen, these expensive faucets use the valve/stem combination found in industrial conduit systems. Not only do the faucets have a powerful flow, but they also complement modern kitchens very well.

Rohl prides itself on producing some of the most exquisite and passionate kitchen faucets. In fact, it was one of the first companies to introduce the pull-out kitchen faucet. Apart from having a sophisticated design language, these faucets are reliable and durable as well.

10. Best for Accessories: Vigo

The last company to feature on our list of the Best Kitchen Faucet Brands is Vigo. Like many other brands on our list, Vigo is known for quality manufacturing while also having great customer care.

The company strictly adheres to a given set of standards, ensuring that the faucets manufactured are durable. Moreover, they also sell accessories with your purchase which make it much more functional.

Most of the faucets sold by Vigo come with a soap dispenser. Also, they are available only in black and silver color variations. The two-tone Edison pull-down kitchen faucet is one of their most popular faucet models.


While choosing our list, we considered different factors to bring you the crème de la crème of kitchen faucets brands. You can visit their website with the links provided and take a look at the popular faucets offered by them.

Do let us know about your experience with these brands in the comments section below. If you have other brands to add to this list, do mention them as well.

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