How Many Tomatoes In A Can?

How Many Tomatoes In A Can?

While using fresh tomatoes instead of canned tomatoes, you must have asked yourself how many tomatoes are in a can? This is a very important question because your meal becomes delicious when you use the exact amount as your recipe.

If your recipe demands canned tomatoes but doesn’t have them or simply wants to use fresh tomatoes, it depends on how many ounces of canned tomatoes the recipe says.

Some of you might be thinking of storing tomatoes in a can but don’t know how many to put there. So we’re here to solve all your issues by providing efficient solutions without moving away from the main topic.

How many tomatoes are in a cup?

There are different types and sizes of tomatoes so the answer will differ each time. However, after thorough research and experiment, we learned that 1 pound equals 25-30 cherry tomatoes, 3 medium-sized round tomatoes, or 8 plum tomatoes.

One cherry tomato weighs around 1 ounce, a plum tomato around 3 ounces, and a normal garden-sized tomato weighs around 6 ounces. So if you start chopping tomatoes to fill in a cup, then it will take near 27-28 cherry tomatoes, 3 plum ones, or 1.25 regular-sized round tomatoes.

this is a tomato can

How many tomatoes are in a can?

Before deciding to store tomatoes in a can, you should have the necessary things available and prepare them for the process. These things include your can jars, crockery, pressure cooker or canner, or whatever you would use to can the jars. If you’re thinking about how many jars you would need and how many tomatoes will fit in a can, then we have the answer for you.

To count the number of jars, it depends on how many tomatoes you have. And how many do you want to store in a can? It’s a common rule that there should not be even a tiny little space left when you store tomatoes in a can. However, you should leave a space of about an inch near the mouth of the jar. Here are the quantities of tomatoes for different weight jars to make it easier for you.

  • You will need about 10-12 whole, and peeled tomatoes for a 28 ounce can make tomato paste. The weight of the tomatoes should be 2 pounds.
  • You will need about 5-6 whole, and peeled tomatoes for a 14.5 ounce can make tomato paste. The weight of the tomatoes should be nearby 1 pound.

Let’s answer some of the few common questions raised by many people.

1. How many tomatoes for 2 cup diced?

If you want to make two cups of chopped or diced tomatoes, then you’ll need around 25 to 30 cherry tomatoes for this purpose.

2. How many fresh tomatoes fit in a 400g can?

Cans are never filled with whole tomatoes; they are either boiled, peeled, chopped, or crushed like paste tomatoes. So there’s no exact amount. It could be 3 regular-sized tomatoes or 5-6 cherry tomatoes.

tomato fruits are in to the basket


All you need to do is keep the things ready with you and use the quantity we mentioned. We advise you to keep some extra tomatoes for backup if you need more quantity.

And even if you need fewer tomatoes than the quantity mentioned by us, don’t just throw away the extra tomatoes. There are plenty of dishes in which you can use the leftover tomatoes. Or you can eat them too because they can be eaten in their raw form, making them an exceptional vegetable.


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