What Kind Of Mayo Does Subway Use?

What Kind Of Mayo Does Subway Use?

Anyone who’s been to the subway knows how delicious the sauces are. But it often leaves people confused about what kind of mayo subway use?

Subway uses normal mayonnaise, but its mayo tastes so yummy with a blend of different ingredients. Unfortunately, subway never reveals its secret ingredients, so their mayo is exclusively available at their stores only. If any other store claims to have it, the taste of the mayo would not be the same as the subway.

Can you buy subway mayo?

Subway makes all of its sauces with its secret ingredients. So if you’re hoping that you would get subway mayo from your grocery shop, you will not find it. Instead, you can find the same name mayo from different brands, but the taste is not exactly the same.

So the next time you go to the subway, simply ask them for extra mayo on the side. If you want that mayo at home, you can try making it by identifying the flavors. We wish you good luck.

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What are the flavors of mayo available at subway?

There are basically three unique flavors of mayonnaise that subway uses in its order.

  1. Eggless mayo: In subway stores, Eggless mayonnaise is the most commonly used mayo. Everyone is fond of subway’s mayo, and you can’t find it in stores because they make customizable mayo.
  2. Southwest: If you like spicy flavor in your every food, then ask for the southwest sauce the next time you go to the subway. It has a zingy and spicy taste of mayonnaise. Southwest is the first priority of many customers.
  3. Mint eggless mayo: It is similar to eggless mayo, just with a flavor addition of mint.

Can you create your own order at subway?

The best part about the subway; you can easily customize your order. There are different ingredients and sauces available in front of you, and you can choose what you want in your sandwich.

This facility is also available when you order from subway online. They have various pre-made sandwiches, you pick any one item, and then you can add the ingredients you want and remove the ones you don’t.

How does subway sandwich taste so good?

Subway keeps their mayo at room temperature, and it is full-fat (you can also ask for lite). They use lots of mayo on their sandwiches than any normal person would use on their sandwich. Fat helps in bringing flavors of other ingredients.

Subway sandwiches taste so delicious because they bake their bread freshly, and you can recognize its smell the moment you enter the store. They have so many varieties of bread like multi-grain flatbread, Italian cheese and herbs, 9-grain wheat, and Italian. Some of their stores also offer sea-salt bread.

Does subway have fresh vegetables?

Subway offers 10 different fresh vegetables, including black olives, spinach, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, cucumber, pickles, red onion, banana peppers, lettuce, and green bell peppers. They offer avocado too seasonally. They always make fresh vegetables available at the counter so that their customers who want to eat healthily never leave disappointed.

Subway knows that most people choose fresh vegetables and fruits over meat and oily ingredients. Subway understands the choice of eating healthy to make sure its customers get flavors even while eating healthy.

this is a mayo on the potato chips


Subway is known for its unique service and flavors. Anyone can recognize flavors, but one can’t possibly find all of its ingredients. They use secret ingredients to make their sauces and mayonnaise, so it’s only available in their stores.


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