10 Best Insulated Food & Pizza Delivery Bags (2023)

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Food delivery bags are very helpful when you want to transport your food. It doesn’t matter your food is warm or cold.

Insulated food delivery bags will help you to move you warm or cold food for hours. You can use these bags if you are a caterer, restaurant operator, pizza delivery person, or simply you just want to transport food from one place to another.

top pick
KIBAGA Premium Insulated Food Delivery Bag
  • Well made & large bag
  • The zipper is sturdy
  • Insulated and waterproof

Choosing a food delivery bag that will be best fit your needs may be difficult. So I’m going to help you in this process to find the right food delivery bag. You can also fold this bag and store it when empty.

What is an Insulated Food Delivery Bag or Pizza Delivery Bag?

An insulated food delivery bag is a usually large size bag that is used in delivering foods. It can be made with different materials like nylon, vinyl, polypropylene fabric, etc and closeable with zippers or sometimes velcro. Most of these bags are waterproof and insulated. So that you can deliver warm food warm and cold food cold.

Benefits of Insulated Food Delivery Bag

Some benefits of insulated food delivery bag are:

  • It helps you to deliver warm food warm and cold food cold.
  • Easily transportable from one place to another.
  • It helps the inside food from the weather outside.
  • Protect from water.
  • It can prevent spillage.

Our 10 Best Insulated Food Delivery Bags and Pizza Delivery Bags

KIBAGA Premium Insulated Food Delivery Bag

KIBAGA premium insulated bag is a top-rated food delivery bag on Amazon. It sized 23x14x15 inches XXL food delivery bag. This bag has a great amount of space for food delivery and groceries. You can also fold this food delivery bag and store it after use. The bag is waterproof and insulated. You can use it on food delivery services like Uber Eats or Doordash.

If you are tired of getting takeaway food gone cold and your groceries being out for too far then KIBAGA insulated shopping bag is your solution. This bag has a thick layer of insulation that will keep your warm food warm and cold food cold. It has sturdy zipper for better insulation and it will prevent spilling. The bag is also easy to clean.

  • Well made & large bag
  • The zipper is sturdy
  • Insulated and waterproof
  • Not much cons to mention.

NZ Home Food Delivery Bag, Insulated Reusable Grocery Bag

Very large in capacity this gigantic sized delivery bag will help you transport a large amount of food. This delivery bag is ideal for Uber Eats, restaurants, catering, grocery transport, and other food delivery needs. This bag is 23″ wide x 15″ in height x 15″D. The bag is lightweight only 3oz and easy to carry.

The bag is made with durable and comfortable handles make carrying easy. Well-insulated and constructed built to keep your items safe and insulated. transparent pocket on the side to keep handy items and important information for easy seeing. The bag is collapsible for easy storing in small storage like car, tent home, or office.

  • Well made & lightweight
  • Extra large
  • Keeps food hot or cold
  • Foldable
  • The bag may not be heavy-duty, durable or strong
  • Not so good zipper

New Star Foodservice Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag

New star pizza delivery bag makes pizza delivery simple. You can deliver hot pizzas effortlessly with this bag. With the comfortable and duel handles you can carry this bag with one hand. The bag size is 20 by 19 by 13 inches, you can fit 18-inch 6 pizza boxes. An ID window is located on the bag to hold your important papers.

The bag is water-resistant so you can deliver in weather conditions. The bag is collapsible, when you don’t need the bag you can simply fold and store it. This insulated pizza delivery bag will keep your pizza hot or cold depending on your choice.

  • Heavy-duty, durable, water-resistant
  • High heat retention
  • It can hold 6 large pizzas and keeps them warm
  • This bag may not be moist free. Steam may not escape from bag easily boxes can be soggy

Himal Outdoors Insulated Food Delivery Bag

Premium Insulated Grocery Bag for HOT/COLD Food Delivery from Himal outdoors. The bag is of commercial-grade quality. The leak-proof and insulated liner inside this food delivery bag is anti-leaking and keeps food hot/cold for several hours.

Transparent Pocket Allows for easy-to-see labels of orders, dates, and temperatures. The bag has a large capacity of 23″W x 15″H x 14″ D dimensions. It is made of 600D Water Repellent Oxford and Leak-proof Liner.

The bag is collapsible for storage and durable when used. It can be perfect for restaurant food delivery and caterers. It can also be used as a grocery shopping bag or car trunk organizer. The bag has double insulation that will keep your warm food warm and cold food cold for longer.

  • Premium large insulated food delivery bag
  • Durable zippers and aluminum foil inside
  • Water-resistant
  • Strong stitches
  • Material is thin on the inside

Insulated Food Delivery Bag with Cup Holders/Drink Carriers Premium

If you are tired of carrying drinks and bags at once and no room in your hand. There’s a solution, food delivery bag with large thermal cup holders by Freshie. This food delivery bag can keep your drink hot or cold beside the main food compartment inside. It has 3 large cup holders outside of the bag. It’s a spacious bag sized 21×13.5×11 inch.

The bag is insulated and waterproof, your food will be warm or cold that you want and the waterproof interior will help you to deliver food on a rainy day and it is also leakproof. The bag has premium and sturdy zippers. The bag is ideal for Uber Eats, DoorDash, and other food delivery services.

  • Premium XXL bag
  • Large thermal cup/bottle holders
  • Leakproof/waterproof interior
  • Not mentionable cons

Homevative Thermal Insulated Food Delivery Backpack

Large size insulated food delivery backpack from Homevative. The bag has 2 cup holders, mesh pocket and receipt window. You can deliver food with drinks. You don’t have to worry about putting cold drinks with hot food. With this bag, you can put cold drinks outside of the bag in cup holders.T

his bag is sized 14x10x16 made with heavy-duty polyester, thick strap, and genuine YKK zipper. It can be easily carried on your back. The bag has reflective strip around the bag for safety. The bag is well insulated and has thick insulation that will keep your food at the right temperature. It can be your perfect food and pizza delivery backpack.

  • Backpack style
  • Cup holders. mesh pocket and receipt window
  • Extra thick insulation
  • Water-resistant and durable
  • The insulation may rip off after use

New Star Foodservice Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag

Make hot pizza delivery easy with New Star Foodservices’ insulated pizza delivery bag. The bag is 22″ by 22″ by 5″ and it can carry 2 pizza boxes of 20 inch at a time. The bag has dual handles so that you can carry this bag at one hand easy and comfortable carrying.

It has an ID window top of the bag, you can carry menus, receipts, coupons, etc in this. The bag is water-resistant that will allow you to deliver in any weather condition whether it rain or snow. It is a collapsible bag, when you don’t need it you can store it in little space.

  • Insulated pizza delivery bag
  • Can hold 2 pizza boxes
  • Water-resistant
  • Collapsible
  • Pizzas can be soggy

Winco Pizza Bag

Winco 20″ by 20″ by 5″ pizza delivery bag with insulated lining to keep your pizza warm for long time. It can hold 2 large size pizzas at a time. Pizza delivery bag from trusted and reliable brand Winco. This pizza bag is well made. It can keep your pizzas warm. This pizza delivery bag is well made and it works great.

  • Keep pizzas warm
  • It can hold 2 large pizzas
  • Well made
  • The bag may be thinner for some people and the Velcro may be placed poorly

DERABY Insulated Delivery Bag Carrier

DERABY Insulated Delivery Bag Carrier. The bag is waterproof and can keep your food cool or warm. You can use this bag as grocery storage, a pizza delivery bag, a chafing dish & a Casserole carrying case, and so on.

Deraby insulated premium quality commercial grade delivery bag to keep all your food HOT and COLD for hours. Provide quality you can trust.

Deraby uses thick insulation and quality materials, making this the perfect delivery tote bag. It measures 23.5” in Length x 14.5″ in Width x 15″ in Height, meaning all your food containers and buffet chaffing trays will fit in perfectly.

It has Reinforced stitching throughout the bag, no snag round edge corners, premium dual zippers for easy opening and closure, a padded carrying handle, a side invoice pocket, and easy-to-clean aluminum interior material.

  • Well made & good quality
  • Multipurpose
  • Waterproof exterior
  • Poorly manufactured

Homevative Insulated Thermal Food Delivery and Reusable Grocery Bag

Nylon insulated thermal XL size food delivery bag from Homevative. This bag also can be used as a reusable grocery bag, for catering, restaurant or Uber Eats like food delivery services. The bag made with nylon rather than polyester for better durability, it has also stitched zippers.

It has better insulation and rigidness, 3/4′ layer of insulation on all sides helps you to keep warm food warm and cold food cold. It has dual handles for better carrying. The bag also came with lifetime guarantee, if anything goes wrong and you let them know they can send you a replacement.

  • Made with nylon for better durability
  • Thick insulation and carrying straps
  • Large in size
  • The zippers may not be good for some people

Insulated Food Delivery Bag Buying Guide – Things to Consider Before Buying

  • Size: Size is one of the top factors that you should consider whey buying a food delivery bag. The size depends on how much stuff you want to carry. The bags come in different sizes. You can check the dimension and capacity of the bag. It will give you an idea of how much it can hold. Some pizza bags come with different pizza capacity sizes. If you want to carry bottles and want to save space you can go with a bag that has cup holders outside.
  • Material & Zipper: Material and the zipper of the bag should be chosen wisely. If you choose the wrong one your food delivery bag may not last long. After long use, ordinary zippers can stop working, it can split or broke. You may not able to close the bag properly. It can cause insulation process hampered. Some insulated bags come with aluminum foil coated inside. So it is better to go with heavy-duty durable materials.
  • Waterproof and Insulation: Waterproof and insulation are very important to make the food inside secure. You should go with waterproof bags. It can save food from water and allow you to deliver food in harsh weather. Insulation will keep your warm food warm and cold food cold for a long time. Your food will not be affected by the weather outside. It will help you to deliver food at the right temperature. Some bags can insulate your foods for hours. It will better to go with well-insulated bags.
  • Carrying: These bags come in different carrying methods. Some bags you can carry only on hands and these are generally large bags. Some bags have the option to carry on back and these are usually small in size. For bicycle riders, carrying on back can be easier if you don’t have a rack on your bicycle. Choose the one that is comfortable to carry and use to your needs.


Insulated food delivery bag can be great for if you want to transport your food at one place to another at a fine temperature.

It can keep your warm food warm and cold food cold for a long time. So that enjoy your food. It can be an essential accessory for the delivery business. Chose the one that meets your needs. Don’t forget to purchase the best quality for long-lasting life.

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  1. These suggestions are pretty meh. Instead, go to an uber greenlight hub in your city and get an expanding backpack for $30-40. You don’t even have to be an uber driver. It can fit almost everything (2 -3 pizza orders for example) and is super comfortable and highly reflective.

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