Which Side of Parchment Paper Should Goes Up?

When baking and handling parchment paper, the question of which side goes up may arise. This post aims to provide a clear answer. Existing sources are limited, particularly for papers with only one coated side. However, through careful examination, we can

Which side of parchment paper goes up? When considering which side of the parchment paper to use, it is important to note that there is no significant distinction. Both sides of the parchment paper are equally coated with silicone in most cases. Therefore, you are free to utilize either side based on your personal preference… 

Parchment Paper on baking sheet

Parchment paper is moisture and grease resistant which makes your baking easier. It also bakes cookies more evenly.

Parchment paper can prevent moisture and grease. Which can make your food healthier and easier. It can make your baking cookies more smooth and they will not stick to your pan.
You don’t need to clean the greasy pan.

There are some papers that are not coated on both sides. You can find some papers which are glossy or shiny on one side than another. In this case, if your’s is only coated on one side(the waxy side). This side should touch your food.

Parchment Paper is usually coated on both sides. But if it is not, usually the shiny side is treated with silicon which has nonstick characteristics. So, it should go against the food.

If you want to eliminate this difficulty, you should use parchment paper which is coated on both sides. You should use these best-rated Reynolds parchment paper rolls. Click here to check this out.

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