Is Wax Paper Recyclable?

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Wax paper also called waxed paper is a paper coated with wax on both sides. It has lots of functions in the kitchen.

Like other things, it could be used as moisture-resistant, thus great for food wrapping to prevent sogginess. It also makes baking easier! Not only does the wax paper have a lot of functions in the kitchen, but it also has a lot more out of it.

Wax paper could be used as line drawers, funnel hardware, drip guard, candle protectors, and many other things.

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Can you recycle wax paper?

To answer this, we need to understand that paper is recycled with water, thus adding any oil to the mixture substantially wrecks and ruins the whole batch.

Grease and oil are not a big problem for plastic, glass, and metal because recycling is done through a heating process. However, this is not the case with paper products as they are generally mixed with water to become slurry. Water and oil do not mix so the problem with recycling greasy paper is quite clear.

Additionally, disposing of recycling paper products does not permit for tacky, oily, grease-like, or even waxy texture on the paper. When the paper is coated with grease or oil, then the paper will be considered spoiled because it will be practically impossible to take away the grease and oil or any other contaminants out of the paper.

In other words, it is impossible to take away the layer of wax from the paper, so it could be recycled in the traditional way.

Furthermore, wax paper is also considered a garbage item. Therefore, when your wax paper is not useable anymore best to throw it in your trash can. However, in the junkyard, your wax paper will need months to be able to decompose. With all, it can be concluded that wax paper cannot be recycled.

If you would still want to use wax paper, you might want to get that which is made from soybean oil because it is organic and renewable. Even though it takes a while for it to decompose, presumably between 3-6 weeks.

Another safe option is to reduce the use of wax paper. You might want to consider using it only when it is necessary and try reusing it whenever probable. This way, you will help in reducing waxed paper wastes that are already piled up in junkyards all over the world.

Is wax paper reusable?

To answer this; I will say yes, wax paper is reusable. For example, if you use wax paper for making homemade biscuits or fluffy sugar cookies all you need to do is wipe off the excess sugar and flour on the paper with wet tissues, paper towels, or even a damp cloth and it is ready for another use.

You can use wax paper as many times as possible before disposing of it given the fact they are not easily damaged.

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