How to Use Kitchen Tongs & What Are Kitchen Tongs Used For

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If you have managed your kitchen for a while, chances are you already have a pair of tongs in your cupboard. Kitchen tongs are one of the most versatile tools which you can use for various purposes in the kitchen.

In this post you will learn how you can use kitchen tongs and what it used for. Here is how to use kitchen tongs and the benefits of using them in your kitchen.

Toss the ingredients

It is easy and straightforward to toss the ingredients using your tongs. You can toss your salad to mix the dressing with them, lettuces and meats, fries with their spices, and so on.

And if you have been using the tongs for a while, there will be a lot of other different scenarios which can do you a big favor.

Controlling the ingredients on the pan or grill

Sometimes, on different occasions, you cannot rely on your spatula to turn over the ingredients or so. For instance, you are at the BBQ party with your family and friends and want to easily turn the meat on the grill. Let the tongs help you.

These tongs help you to grip the food and turn it over. In the process, you won’t lose the juice you need for taste because there is no need to pierce the meat with the fork.

pulling out with tong

Take the hot ingredients

Alright, you might have done with the burned fingers or so.

There’s no need to risk yourself anymore. Use your tongs as your hand’s extension to take the hot ingredients from their pan, oven, or other spots. For instance, you can take the toast out of the toaster. Or, you could take fries from the fryer. And so on. Imagine how safe it can be when you use your tongs rather than other tools.

You can also take out the parcels out of your oven. Chances are you might be learning about papillon technique, or the other wrapping technique. Whether it is foil, paper, or any other else, it won’t be good if you take them out by your bare hands. Instead, use your tongs and you will be fine.

Stir fry

If you are out of your spatula, or cooking chopsticks to make your chinese dishes, you can use tongs as a great replacement. With the tongs, it will be easier to toss the veggies, meats, and other ingredients on the pan or toss some portion of meals right to your plate. Some folks also use the tongs to toss the cooked pasta and transfer it straight to the plate.

If your kitchen tongs are broken or do you need to clean them? Don’t worry I have a post about cleaning and fixing kitchen tongs. Read it here on how you can fix and clean your kitchen tongs.

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