How to make juice with a blender

make juice with a blender

One of the key factors for a healthy body is a good amount of vitamins to keep you energize and well. The best way to get these vitamins is through fruits. Depending on the fruits, you will be able to get more or fewer vitamins as well as different types of vitamins.

However, certain people are not really into eating fruits for various reasons. If you are a part of that population, fear not! There is another way through which you can get the vitamins of these fruits without technically eating them.

You can get the same vitamins through fresh juices! Now, you can find fresh juice in any market or supermarket possible. However, you can also make delicious juices at home.

How to make juice with a blender? – The answer is simple: thanks to a blender! You will simply need to put your desired fruits, cut in pieces in a blender with some water. After mixing the ingredients together, you will be able to drink a delicious juice!

Juicers are generally the go-to for people who wants to only make juice. However, by using a blender to do so, you will be able to make more than just a juice with the same tool. On the long run, having a blender can be more useful than a simple juicer.

making a juice in the blender

Importance of using a blender

Most people will think that using a blender is a gain of time and a useful tool to make juices or smoothies. However, there is a little bit more to it than that. By blending your fruits or vegetables, this engine makes it quicker and easier for your body to absorb nutrients.

These nutrients will help you get energy and improve your immune system in a long term. Additionally, by nourishing your body with micro-nutrients, you will decrease the cravings for processed foods and sugar while curbing your appetite.

Overall, it is a great way to consume vegetables or fruits without directly biting into them. It can greatly work with children. For adults, it’s a nice way to eat a good number of veggies and fruits throughout the day without having to cook or cut them.

Differences between a juicer and a blender

The main difference between a juicer and a blender is the way they are processing ingredients. The juicer will mainly press the fruits and vegetables and pour out the juice from them.

The blender, on the other hand, will chop the ingredients into little pieces until it becomes a puree. In the end, they will be nothing left from the original fruit with a blender, everything will be processed.

A juicer makes it easier to digest nutrients. By juicing, the engine will extract water and nutrients from vegetables and fruits while leaving the fibers behind. Without fibers, your body will be able to absorb the nutrients quickly without a need to use any type of energy.

On the other hand, a blender will keep the fiber from the fruits or vegetables in the juice that it makes. Fibers are really good for digestion. With a healthy amount of fiber in your body, you will be able to process your food safely which will help you avoid any stomach issues.

Additionally, with a blender, you will be able to process more than just vegetables or fruits. You can add any type of liquid, seeds, oils, or ice and process everything together. There are more features that can come with a blender compared to a juicer.

How to make apple juice with a blender

One of the most common juices that one can do and that is popular among the bigger number of people is apple juice! As such, here is the list of tasks that you have to go through to make an apple juice with a blender.

How to make apple juice with a blender

1. Cut the fruits

Take four apples, rinse them, and cut them into quarters. Make sure to remove the seeds and the cores of the apples before cutting them into quarters. If you want, you can leave the peels, it won’t make a difference for the juice.

2. Add the ingredients in the blender

Put the apple you just cut in the blender with 59mL or ¼ cup of cold water. To be able to properly process the cut apples, you will need a blender that has a food processor feature or that has a high speed. Don’t forget to close the lid.

3. Set up the blender

Choose the high-speed setting and blend the apples for 45 seconds. To have the best performance, make sure to push the chunks of apples at the bottom towards the blades of the blender as many times as you need to have a smooth mixture.

Turn off the blender every time you want to take that action. You want the apples to be transformed into a puree. A little trick for it to work better is to first turn the speed on low then go at high speed. It will let the blender a chance to grab the chunk of apples at the bottom.

4. Drain the juice

To have a clearer juice, drain the puree through a fine-mesh strainer. You just need to spoon the puree and stir it a little to release pockets of juice. It is recommended to drain the juice through the strainer for at least 10 minutes.

5. Pour it!

Time to pour the juice! You might want to add sugar or honey to your juice if you think that it isn’t as sweet as you like. You can also refrigerate this drink.

You will be able to consume it even after a week. If you want the juice to stay longer, put it in an airtight container and it will be conserved for up to 6 months.

How to choose the best blender for juicing?

choose the best blender for juicing

The number of blenders in the world is huge. Some of them will be better than others to make juice from fresh fruits. As it can be hard to choose, here are several features that are recommended to check before buying a blender for juicing.

  • Capacity: Blenders will come in various sizes of containers. The most suitable one for you will depend on your preferences and how much juice you want to make from your blender.

You can also find single-serve blenders more appealing if you prefer small quantities. Most of the time, this type of blender will come with travel cups so that you can make your drink for takeaway.

  • Power: Depending on the motor power of the blender, you will be able to process fruits that are more or less hard. A motor under 1000 watts will be preferably for soft fruits.

On the opposite, you will prefer a motor that can go up to 1500 watts for harder fruits.

  • Blades: The type of blades for juicing is one of the most important features when you want to choose a blender. To get the best juicing feature, it will be better to choose a blender with quality extractor blades.

You want to look for blades that are preferably made of non-rusting and stainless steel.

  • Safety Now, this feature is a plus and you might not need it, it all depends on you. Some blenders will offer a safety lock that will prevent the blender from randomly turning on.

Additionally, with a safety lock, your blender will only turn on every part of it that is correctly and entirely assembled.

  • Interface: Some blenders’ interfaces are more complicated than others to understand. The choice is yours to determine if you want a simple blender with one switch or a full button interface.

An interface will provide you access to more features in your blender, but it depends on the type of juice that you want to make and how automated you want the whole process to be.

  • Cleaning : Nowadays, some blenders have a self-cleaning function which can be useful and make you gain a consequent amount of time. If you’re okay with cleaning it by hand or through a dishwasher then a simple blender will be more convenient for you.
  • Warranty: If you are the type of person who likes to have a secure plan, then getting a warranty might be interesting for you. Depending on the blenders, a warranty can be from one year up to ten years.

Make sure to be aware of the warranty time before choosing your product. It is advised to pay attention to what exactly the warranty is covering as some only apply for certain circumstances.

Now, you are all set to use your blender and create any type of juice that you want! Using a blender to make juice is not complicated. If you follow carefully the instructions that we gave you in this article, you will be able to make your juice in no time.

When the moment arrives to choose your blender, don’t hesitate to take your time and look at various options before determining the one that you want. You also have the option to buy a juicer.

However, with a blender, you will have access to more features than just make juice. You will be able to make soups, purees, smoothies and other types of foods in little or large quantities depending on your preferences.

A blender can be an efficient and useful tool in a kitchen, allowing you to make food rapidly while giving you a lot of nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to properly function.




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