Can You Put Frozen Food In An Air Fryer? (How to Cook & Time Required)

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An air fryer is a perfect option for cooking frozen snacks for a party at home as it provides you with perfect fried food in significantly less time.

An air fryer uses the method of convection to cook food. The intense hot air that circulates in an air fryer is perfect for roasting.

You can definitely cook frozen foods like french fries, chicken fingers, fish sticks, etc. in an air fryer. It will make them extra crispy without going for deep frying. You can cook all types of meals that require grilling, frying, and roasting.

Air fryers are a convenient option when it comes to cooking frozen food items. 

Cooking food in an air fryer is also quite easy, so that you may consider preparing all your food in it.

If your air fryer is of a smaller size, such as 2-4 quarts, then your cooking time also gets majorly reduced since the food will be much more closer to the heating element. Thus it will get done in no time.

There are several reasons to choose an air fryer for your frozen food, rather than using a deep fryer or oven. Here are some:

  • Cooks quickly with less oil.
  • Brings more crispiness.
  • Cook frozen food in a more clean way.
  • Easier to use.

The initial stage of using an air fryer is to preheat it. You should avoid the crowding of food items in the basket as it does not allow air circulation properly. Some air fryers also come with some extra pans and drawers.

However, buying these attachments are not necessary. 

When using oven-style air fryers that will most likely have different racks or shelves, the food contained in the shelf closest to the heating element will get cooked faster than food on other shelves or trays.

And sometimes, this may also cause the food to burn due to the heat. This is why you should always keep food in the middle rack to get the perfect texture and consistency.

How to cook frozen food in an air fryer?

Cooking your frozen food is quite a simple task.

  • Take your bag of frozen food, remove its packaging and get rid of any excessive crumbs.
  • Without overcrowding, slowly add the frozen food into the air fryer.
  • The food is now air fried and ready to serve.
Frozen sea food.

Which frozen foods can you air fry?

You can cook several food items in an air fryer. Some of them are:

  1. Pizza Rolls
  2. Fish Sticks
  3. Chicken Wings
  4. Potato Skins
  5. Pizza Bagels
  6. French Fries
  7. Chicken Nuggets
  8. Hot Pockets

Time required to cook various frozen foods in an air fryer

Frozen food in container

You can cook several frozen food items in an air fryer. Here are some of the cook times for your favorite frozen foods to start with:

  • For chicken boneless wings, 14 minutes at 360o F
  • For chicken nuggets, 12 minutes at 390o F
  • For chicken fries, 8 minutes at 390o F
  • For small chicken breast, around 25 minutes; for large chicken breast, around 30 minutes at 350o F
  • For hot pockets, 13 minutes at 390o F
  • For egg rolls, 12 minutes at 390o F
  • For pizza, around 10-15 minutes at 400o F
  • For cauliflower, 13 minutes at 400o F
  • For French fries, 15 minutes at 370o F

Most of the food items take around 7-30 minutes at 350o F – 400o F, you can check it at the back side of the packet.

Can you put frozen meat in the air fryer?

Chicken in air fryer

Coking meat can take a long time if you are in a hurry. However, an air fryer can help you in cooking frozen meat in very little time. It also requires very little oil as compared to the traditional methods of cooking frozen meat.

You can very easily cook frozen meat using an air fryer, like chicken nuggets, wings, etc.

Chicken nuggets and boneless frozen chicken are best cooked in an air fryer.

You need to defrost these frozen items before placing them in the appliance.

However, you should avoid placing large pieces of chicken in the device. Placing large pieces of chicken does not allow the heat to flow evenly inside the air fryer. 


Air frying is much healthier than deep-frying food items in oil. Using air fryers also leads to weight loss as it cuts down the number of calories to a great extent.

For smaller meals, you must prefer it as compared to traditional methods of frying food items.

The appliance has a wide range of applications in kitchens. Most of the parts of an air fryer are detachable, making it easy to handle and clean. 

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  1. can you heat frozen dinners like parmigiana chicken snchhitzel with tomato sauce and cheese on top with seasonsed potato wedges and
    vegetables these are covered with a plastic cover when you put in microwave. no one can tell me if air fryers is ok for this tip of food.

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